Pricing Your Extensions

Here are the facts stylists,

So many talented extensionists don’t charge properly for the LUXURY of hair extensions. It can be due to lack of confidence, not feeling educated enough, and even a sense of guilt. It can be a touchy topic for many of us, but can easily be fixed with a little awareness.

Think about the countless hours you have put in behind the chair. Isn’t it time to upgrade your belief about what you’re worth? Aren’t you ready to be properly compensated for the experience and creativity that you bring to your clients?

Remember: the experience you provide can be LITERALLY LIFE-CHANGING. That’s why you have to KNOW YOUR VALUE and stop discounting.

Your clients will perceive you based on what you charge. If you become known as the person with the cheaper options, are you going to be comfortable with that long-term?

First, add up all of your expenses for one month—overhead, product cost, etc. If it costs money, write it down. Then, calculate your available hours for one month. Divide your expenses by your hours—that is how much you have to generate per hour to simply break even. Think about all the discounts you’ve given out, and how they could add up over time. Yeah. Wow.

See below for a list of essential steps to take in order to stop undercharging your clients.

8 ways to take control of your pricing

Schedule a Consultation


This is key to not undercharging your clients. Booking a consultation allows you and your clients to have a mutual understanding in what the other person is looking for.  

  • Look at the status of your client's hair
  • Determine how much hair your client needs
  • How full do they want it?
  • Do they already have extensions in?
  • How long have they had them in?
  • Is their hair processed?
  • Is the look they're going for feasible for both you and the client?
  • Are you requiring down payment?
  • Schedule your move-up appointment during the installation.

Cost of Hair & Installation

  • Cost of original hair
  • Include Tax + Shipping of hair
  • Installation method used
  • Some methods are more expensive
  • Is it a brand new installation or a move-up
  • Service Charge

Charge for your time/Products used

  • Hourly
  • Estimated overall time
  • If their hair requires more product then charge extra

Consider Your Location

  • Prices differ depending on your location
  • Research neighboring salon prices

Experience Level

  • How many years of education?
  • How many methods are you certified in?
  • How many years of hands-on experience?

A Hair Extensions Contract  

  • Transparency between you and your client
  • Written Agreement (Download Contract Here)
  • Appearance of professionalism

Social Media

  • Have an outlet to display your work
  • Great marketing can increase your authority, making it easier to charge more


  • Be confident in your skills
  • Don't label yourself as the one who does it cheaper
  • Attract the right clients who see your worth
  • Educate yourself as much as possible
  • Stop thinking your clients will leave if you charge normal prices.