Hair Extensions Contract for Stylists

Contract for Stylists

Why make a contract?

Creating a contract is a professional way to handle a long-term and complicated service like hair extensions. It creates an understanding between the stylist & client that helps avoid conflict.

When creating a contract, consider including the following points that you and your client need to agree and sign off on.

The Consent to Order, Prepare and Install Hair extensions

  • Agreeing to the installation method that will be used
  • Having a clear understanding of the materials to be used on their scalp hair
  • Understanding the expectations of the client prior to the appointment
  • Agreement of hair extensions that will be ordered by stylist

Home Maintenance Guide

  • What to expect in the first 24 hours: general comfort, sleeping, showering
  • What NOT to do with the hair extensions
  • Types of products to use to maintain the hair and scalp
  • What to expect with hair extensions in the first month

Service Appointment

  • When is the first and recurring service appointments?
  • What will be done during the follow-up appointments?
  • How much does the first and recurring follow-up service appointments cost?


  • Include a guarantee & specify what it includes under what circumstances
  • Special circumstances & expectations (fine scalp hair, brittle, highly bleached hair may result in hair loss)
  • A warning to the client if they do not follow instructions given: what is the outcome, and what does it cancel in the contract?

Hair Extensions Deposit

Most hair extensions companies do not accept a return or there is a return fee that you are stuck with. You need to set the terms accordingly. Plan ahead and protect yourself!

  • What happens if the client changes their mind of the type or color of hair extensions before the appointment
  • What happens to the deposit if a client cancels?
  • How much time is required for cancellation or change prior to the appointment?
  • What portion of the deposit is non refundable?

We surveyed 30 stylists and asked them what they need from an extensions contract. Using their feedback, we created a carefully curated hair extensions terms of service that will help you create an understanding between you and your client and enforce your expectations for things like maintenance and follow-ups.