What Are Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions?

Hand-tied extensions are a type of weft that is weaved by hand. Our hand tied wefts are 100% Indian Remy silicone-free hair that is woven into three continuous threads. All tracks can be easily installed with clips, micro rings or sew-in braids and applicable with many methods, including NBR, IBR, SKW, and more. It is ideal for naturally wavy and curly hair with fine to medium density volume. All tracks are half the diameter of the average head circumference with both thin and full density options depending on length of the hair.

To ensure consistency and quality, the wefts are machine sewn across the track after the wefts are hand tied, in order to prevent shedding. This is the only element in the production process of our hand-tied wefts that uses a traditional sewing machine.

Hand Tied Weft Details

Weight of Hair:

Each bundle is 1 oz (28-30 grams) of hair

14” Layered bundle contains 3 tracks

18” Layered bundle contains 2 tracks

22” Layered bundle contains 2 tracks

16” Curly bundle contains 1 track

20” Curly bundle contains 1 track

How to Order Hand-Tied Weft Extensions

Hair & Compounds makes it easy to order hand tied:

  1. Select your finish: Layered, Curly
  2. Decide on length: (Layered: 14”, 18”, 22”, Curly: 16”, 20”)
  3. Choose your color with our color guide (for matching assistance, just text us a pic of your client)
  4. Quantity: how many bundles? (most stylists choose 4-6 bundles for a full head, 2-3 for a partial fill)

*There are over 170 options in inventory for the Weft extensions. If you are unable to find the exact option you wish to order, we do not stock it. Consider selecting another option close enough to match for your order or you can try a custom order.

Details of Our Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

14" weft bundles come with 3 thin density tracks

18" weft bundles comes with 2 thin density tracks

22" weft bundles comes with 2 thin density tracks

Finish: Layered vs. Curly

Texture: Range of Natural Curly

Texture: Range of Natural Wave

30 seconds: Making Our Hand Tied Wefts by Hand

Our Hand Tied Wefts are Hand Sewn


How many oz come in a bundle of Weft hair extensions?

Each bundle is 1 oz. or between 28 and 30 grams

What is the track length of each Weft?

The length of each track is between 10 and 11 inches wide because that is the average half circumference of the head. Or the average length of the back of one’s head.

How are the Wefts hand-tied?

Our hand tied wefts are woven into one continuous thread. Because of this we advise against cutting our wefts tracks because if cut the weft will fall apart unless you are experienced at cutting and gluing hand tied weft tracks.

To ensure consistency and quality,the wefts are machine sewn across the track after the wefts are hand tied, in order to prevent shedding. This is the only element of our production process that uses a traditional sewing machine.

How many knots are in the Weft track?

Our 14” and 18” wefts contain 14 knots per inch, and our 22” wefts contain 10 knots per inch

The knots of the hairs are packed tightly to prevent shedding as well.

What is the density of each track?

Most of our wefts are made with thin density tracks, approximately ½ ounce each. Depending upon the length of the hair, each bundle may contain 2-3 tracks.

We sell all of our wefts individually by the oz to give our clients the ability to purchase multiple colors and lengths that can be layered together.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"blends so well, a really natural look"



I love hair compounds wefts for multiple reasons. Firstly the blonde tones never turn yellow, all their colors stay on tone and beautiful! The hair lasts a solid year! No shedding, matting or tangles. Ever. The major problem that I was having was matching my customers texture. I always seem to get these girls with thick frizzy or wavy hair. Hair compounds blends so well, fills it in and gives them a really natural look! Customer service is the best! Good people and good hair! ❤️


Wendy Heyden

"no knotting, miminal breakage"



The QUALITY: no knotting, minimal breakage, no silicone so you don’t leave with one type of hair only to wash it three times and end up with something entirely different. Also the fact that the hand tied doesn’t unravel and cause shedding, bonus! Always super quick to respond and address any issues even if the fault is mine or my clients, very informative and great maintenance page for my clients as well!

Andrea Dudley

"no knotting, miminal breakage"



I've been offering handtied extensions for over 3 years now and one of my go to companies is HairCompounds. They have great prices and free shipping! I have most of my experience in their hand tied wefts and have recently been loving their cylinder extensions, especially using the two together to create a beautiful hybrid extension look! My clients love the quality and so do I!

Holly Bauer