H&C operates the only human hair extension research laboratory in the world.

It is the dedication to learning the science behind human hair that has furthered our company’s reputation of knowledge and quality.


Why is owning a laboratory important?

We rely on our hair extension research lab to:

  1. improve the quality of our products,
  2. solve the most common problems with the products in our industry, and
  3. comparing the quality of our hair to our competitors and having documented proof of test results.


In fact, the instruments in our lab give us the information we require in order to develop our hair care products (our Ionix line).


How does Our Lab fit into Our Quality Control process?

Our company manufactures raw hair into finished hair extensions and our research lab is a fundamental part of developing each chemical and mechanical application.


We take random samples of raw hair to measure strength, elasticity and moisture content.


For more information on the specific laboratory tests we run, read below.

Human Hair Cuticles

Here you can see Isaac using our Optical Microscope to examine hair fibers.

This allows us to see down to a single cuticle detecting the hair's condition and the effects of chemical processes, deposits left by hair care products and stresses brought on by everyday grooming.

Why is this important?

This is key to our research as the microscope lets us see with certainty if any hair extension is truly Remy or Non-Remy.

In fact, this is how we know our hair does not use silicone coating.

Moisture Content

Here you can see Isaac using our Moisture Content Analyzer.

This allows us to determine the effect of hair care products on the hair fiber before and after the test.

It will also detect the results of heavy chemical processes. This instrument will measure the minimum point of moisture according to the maximum effectiveness of any chemical process.

Why is this important?

Simply put, dry hair leads to breakage, especially with repeated combing applied in a localized area.

Surface Tension

Here you can see Isaac using our Tensiometer to measure surface tension, surface energy and contact angle for various liquids.

This instrument determines the level of equality between the hair fiber and the hair care product.

Why is this important?

Shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products are only effective when the surface of the hair is receptive to the chemical ingredients.


Here you can see Isaac using our Tensile Strain-Strength-Stress Tester.

This measures the strength and elasticity of a single hair fiber through dry tensile analysis, wet tensile analysis and a post yield analysis.

Why is this important?

To determine the integrity of bleaching Indian hair to platinum blonds, we must test the hair’s elasticity and strength.

The results of these tests help design our bleaching methods by evaluating the hair's strength and elasticity.