Our Production House

Handcrafted, customized and limited edition

How our hair is made and who is behind it all

The Color Foundation

Just how do we get those gorgeous colors on our hair? We want to show you the details of how the hair is bleached and the people involved during the process.

White Hair (Before & After)

The process of producing our white hair is not an easy task. Starting from the original hair which is a salt and pepper gray hair, we must pluck out all the black or dark hairs to create color uniformity. The main reason white hair is so expensive is because of the amount of labor and time it takes to produce one bundle.

What is a Batch?

So many people think when they receive a bundle of hair that isn't to their liking, it's a bad batch". Many also assume that each bundle is from one hair donor. We're here to unravel the truth: A batch is NOT from just one donor! It can be made up of 20 different donors.

Quick Look at Production House

Having your own factory means the options are endless. This is the reason we are able to create customized orders with no boundaries. Take a quick sneak peak at our factory in India to see how we create the quality of extensions we do.

The Production House

Where do we even start with the amount of hair work and dedication these ladies give to our hair extensions. They breathe color, culture and life into our company and without them you would not see the quality of extensions that you do.

Full Production Process

Ever wonder how many steps it takes to create a bundle of extensions? The amount of detail and precision that goes into each process leaves no room for error.

Ethically Sourced

Our hair is 100% Indian Remy Hair which means that the hair is directly collected from the donor with the cuticles still intact ensuring its quality. The hair is ethically sourced from temples in India where the locals donate their hair.

Production to Supply Collaborations

The only way to deliver a grade A product is strategy and execution, but how do we do that when our production house is in India? Every year we visit in order to increase efficiency, communication and quality.

Custom Order Walk Through

Custom orders are one of the best features we offer at H&C. Now you can see exactly how meticulous each step is in creating your perfect look.

Art of Color Matching

Color matching is a combination of formulation and artistry. It is understanding the base color, the combination of primary colors into recipes and how to create dimensions in the final blend. After years of trial and error, we created the perfect colors.

Every Strand by Hand

Every day 2 teams work together to create the finished strands for both Polymer bonds and Cylinder I-tips. Although the finished product can look machine made, every single strand is made by hand.


Not everyone knows the art of hand-tied extensions but they are as complicated as they look! We have mastered the art over the last 20 years and continue to make adjustments and improvements according to the needs of our stylists and are able to do so because we own our own factory.

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