Hair Quotes To Keep Your Feed Filled

Incorporating social media into your business can be exhausting. We've found that--along with scheduling our posts on Later--having filler posts can be tremendously helpful. The kind of filler posts you use depends on whether your Instagram shows a mix of your work and personal life or it's strictly a business account.

Just for you, we've reinvested our time on Pinterest, both to create and curate quotes and memes for those weeks where you're in a content slump, need to break up all the hair pics or just don't have time to snap a few new shots for the gram.

Our new board, Hair Quotes & Memes, is split into four sections to cover every kind of post you'd be looking for:

  • #HairstylistLife: these are all inside jokes, puns and posts that only a hairstylist or true hair-lover could relate to.
  • Hairy-y Situations: good hair takes work and we all have those days where it doesn't go to plan.
  • Good Posts, Great Hair Days: need we say more? Spreading good hair vibes with your followers brings good karma.
  • Wise Words From Our Inner Hair-apist: as a hairstylist, you're already doing so much that helps others glow in and out. Now, it's our turn. This part of our board is where you'll find inspiring words to give yourself a boost.

Social media can be important, but mental health should always take priority. For those of you running full-force business accounts, frequently incorporating reposts of your clients looking great with their salon-fresh hair along with quote posts can relieve the stress of keeping up with your feed.

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