Josette Desrosiers' Hair Extension Training

Certified Hair Extension Specialist, Josette Desrosiers is the owner of California Hair Extensions in San Diego, CA. She visited our supply house where she demonstrated two of her hair extension methods: the Brazilian Hair Knot and Malaysian Pole Weaving. With her 22 years of experience and international recognition to back her up, Josette offers Bootcamp classes and Certifications in multiple hair extension methods. She considers hair as an investment which is why she holds a high standard for quality and installation.

Brazilian Hair Knot

What You'll Need:

  • elastic thread
  • wefts of hair that are 2 inches longer than the client's length


First, you will cut off the weft, (this is why you need it to be 2 inches longer). You will start by twisting the elastic thread around the natural hair to attach the bulk hair. The sections will start small on the sides of the head and then get bigger when you get to the middle of the head. With this method, clients can even go swimming.

Malaysian Pole Weaving (also known as: The Christina Method)

What You'll Need:

  • weaving loom
  • wefted hair


This method is over 65 years old and since you are sewing hair close to the scalp, this is ideal for people with hair loss issues. You start by bringing the natural hair through the strings on the loom and then you will sew the wefts onto the natural hair. Make sure to always sanitize the weaving needles before every client and whoever performs this technique, must take it out.