Remy White Platinum Hair for Silver Hair Extensions

What Is It?

Our white gray hair, that is platinum hair for silver hair extensions, is the most expensive hair in the world. It is the result of 150 processing hours per kilo, strict quality control and attention to detail.

Where Does It Come From?

This is 100% Remy Indian hair. We produce it ourselves in our production house in Chennai, India. The hair starts as salt and pepper gray hair ponytails when we acquire it. We sometimes have to collect batches of this gray hair over time because although we get gray hair consistently, often, it is not up to our quality standards.

Why Does It Take So Long To Make

Normally this hair is of no use and we store it until we collect enough to begin finishing the hair into pure white bundles. Creating white hair from salt/pepper bundles takes months!

Because it’s all about the sourcing of hair. We find as close to 100% gray raw hair as we can. And then our production staff in India patiently plucks out each dark hair strand with tweezers or by hand one by one until only the gray and white hair remains.

The results are even healthier than our normal light blonde level 12 hair since it started with such a light virgin base color.

Why Is It So Expensive?

Because of the intensive time and labor it takes to create this hair, it is very expensive.
It takes about 1.5 hours to prep approximately 1 ounce of white hair for finishing, or about 8 hours for 1 head of extensions.

Then we very carefully bleach wash the bundles to remove any yellow and brownish stains to make the hair a pure white color as possible.

Overall, the process of sourcing the white hair, processing it, multiple quality control checks, and getting it to it’s finished result of white hair can take a few months.

Because this is natural silver/white hair, it will last a long time and is more durable than our lightest bleached blonde.

Who Uses This Hair?

These hairs are beautiful bundles of platinum white hair that can be custom made into wigs, hairpieces or hair extensions.

It is used in movies and television by wigmakers, and can be found on the heads of celebrities and high-profile, affluent clients all over the world.

Additional Questions

What If I Can't Afford It, How Else Can I Achieve Those Looks?
To easily achieve this look, if our white and platinum hair line is not affordable for your client, you can purchase our 12 Bleach and use no-yellow shampoo to tone it closer to a platinum color.

How Can I Get It?
This option is only available through a custom order. You can order by the ounce in both curly and layered, and premium textures in 14" to 22" lengths.

Select the shades of platinum, white or silver finish that you want and we can make them into cylinder poly or weft extensions just for you.

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, come by our supply house, because we do have some gray/white loose hair in stock for you to touch and feel for yourself!