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*Hair Compounds supplies professionals only. We do not sell to the public or retail, therefore do not have accounts in public review forums such as Google Business/Places, Yelp, Amazon or similiar sites. Stylists share their opinion within business accounts on Instagram, Facebook Business page and private extensionist groups. Below are just a few professional reviews we share with gratitude.

Customer Stories

H&C hair extensions reviews


Allie Scott

Professional Hair Artist, Salon Owner

"What motivated me to become a stylist was honestly passion. I knew from a very young age I wanted to do hair. I had my career thought out at the age of 6. I have been a hairstylist for 9 years. I have also done extensions for 9 years. I’ve tried all different kinds of methods—individual beads, beaded wefts, tapes, braided wefts—but for the past (almost) two years, I've only offered Natural Beaded Row Extensions and I am obsessed!!
My favorite thing about Hair & Compounds is THE QUALITY OF HAIR. No silicone, so soft, and lasts FOREVER! I've had guests plan on replacing every 4-6 Months. Now, guests are keeping it for 8-12 months.
The most remarkable moment as a stylist was the first time a client cried in my chair. She let me do whatever I wanted and I surprised her with this beautiful color and long extensions. When I revealed her style she cried and felt so good. I’ll never forget that! What makes me stand out as a stylist is me striving for perfection of my craft. I want each step of the way to be the absolute best.
How I stay updated on the latest trends by taking tons of education classes! I travel a lot to learn from all the amazing artists in our industry!
H&C hair extensions reviews
H&C hair extensions reviews
H&C hair extensions reviews

Paul Boyd

Handtied Extension Specialist, Salon Owner

"I have always had a natural attraction to hair starting at a young age. As long as I can remember I was always infatuated with hair especially long hair. Becoming a hair extension expert comes as natural as my love for hair itself.

I have been licensed since 2010. The methods I prefer are beaded row installs. I find with beaded rows you get the most bang for your buck with the fewest points of contact. I also love beaded weft’s because it’s easy for most if not all clients to maintain on their own.  

My most memorable moment was definitely when I first got the keys to owning my own shop. What separates me from other artists is my love and care for the craft and for the clients who wear my installs. I believe my true passion is hair extensions. I am not an artist who is only in it for the cash but I am in it because there is nothing I would rather be doing. I believe you can see that in my work and in my growing clientele.  

I enjoy watching other artists in the extension Community try new trends and looks with their clientele. For me I am more of a classic style artist. I love natural textures and natural colors to enhance my clients natural hair. Call me boring but for me classic hair never goes out of style. My favorite thing about hearing compounds is their quality and attention to detail. You can count on their products time and time again. The true professionalism as a company with integrity in every bundle that you purchase. Hair and compounds isn’t for every client but for those who are lucky enough to have it, always adore the colors the texture and the lifespan of the hair. Hair and compound makes me so proud to be an artist who uses the highest quality available."

H&C hair extensions reviews
H&C hair extensions reviews
H&C hair extensions reviews
H&C hair extensions reviews


H&C hair extensions reviews


Christina S. F

Handtied Extension Specialist

"I’ve had an obsession over hair since I was a little girl. I remember standing in my bathroom mirror doing my hair at the age of 10 because my mom refused to take me to the salon every weekend to get my hair done. From that age whatever style I saw I tried on myself . I got so good to the point my friends would ask me to do their hair at school. I realized it was my passion at 21. I’ve been doing hair professionally for 5 years.

I never stick to one technique/method because every head of hair is different. I just go with what I see based on my clients hair and the overall look we are trying to achieve. After my very first international hair class I used the techniques I was taught and saw such an improvement on myself and my work. It motivated me learn more and better my craft.

I always get complimented on how well I color match so I would say the ability to color match and how I take a calculated risk to add different tones even if they are not prominently visible in order for me to give the desired look. I used the hand tied weft technique and I love that it is Indian remy hair. There are a lot of misconceptions about Indian hair but in my opinion you get the most amount of volume without having to stack so much hair. I think the quality of hair is great especially once you understand how to maintain the extension hair."

H&C hair extensions reviews
H&C hair extensions reviews
H&C hair extensions reviews

Alex Denaro

Color & Hair Extension Specialist

My desire to be in the beauty industry is multifaceted. When I was around 4 I decided I wanted to do hair, this decision was met with support from my family and I was encouraged to follow my dream. Since my entrance into the world of beauty at 16, I have made it my goal to provide services with a level of perfection and detail that would be unmatched.

I’ve always felt that individuals need a space to be free, feel beautiful, speak their mind, and have a hair stylist who can create their vision in a well executed way. Something that keeps me going is that every day I have individuals sit in my chair and know we are able to have a positive impact on each other in a vast array of ways

I really adore my job and I find each and every visit from one of my awesome clients to be amazing and fulfilling. I’m very big on humbling yourself as a professional and learning from those who you admire, so I’ll say that one of my favorite moments was shadowing celebrity colorist Justin Anderson. When the opportunity arose I was so excited, because I’ve been inspired by Justin for years and it brought a whole new sense of confidence into my business as a colorist. Such a fantastic experience!

My favorite thing about hair & Compounds would be the same as my favorite thing about my own business. Quality, consistency, and relationships. The customer service is top Notch. I order hair almost every day, and I never have any issues whether I order via the online portal or (my last minute self) ordering hair with 2 minutes to spare for next day shopping (I don’t advise this, but shout out to H&C for always accommodating my ridiculous needs). The hair is always the best, the bonds are bar none, and the wefts last forever. I cannot say enough about H&C hair. Silicone free, remy, two density options, endless options of customization, and ALWAYS consistent. Simply the best.

H&C hair extensions reviews
H&C hair extensions reviews
H&C hair extensions reviews
H&C hair extensions reviews


What do you love about H&C?

H&C hair extensions reviews

Wendy Heyden

"No shedding, matting or tangles..."

Yes I work with weft extensions. I love hair compounds wefts for multiple reasons. Firstly the blonde tones never turn yellow, all their colors stay on tone and beautiful! The hair lasts a solid year! No shedding, matting or tangles. Ever. The major problem that I was having was matching my customers texture. I always seem to get these girls with thick frizzy or wavy hair. Hair compounds blends so well, fills it in and gives them a really natural look! They don’t have to worry about being caught in humid weather, rain and have their own hair curl or expand and have stick straight overly shiny extension hair that doesn’t match their own texture. The customer service is the best! Good people and good hair! ❤️

IG: wendyheydenstyling

Website: www.loveheyden.com

H&C hair extensions reviews

Serrena Adams

"Customer service is amazing!!!"

Hair Compounds has been my hair extension vender for many years now, and I couldn’t be happier!! I LOVE the quality of the hair, the many options of colors, blends, lengths, and textures they allow me to provide for my clients. I can customize anything, which is a tribute to how natural the extensions look so my clients can keep their extensions a “secret”!! Customer service is amazing!! Hair Compounds is always available to talk, email or text, as well as always providing the best customer service possible. I have been a Hair Extensionist for almost 20 yrs now. I have tried many other venders, and they are by far the healthiest, longest lasting, and best hair extensions on the market. I couldn’t be happier, and I have hundreds of clients walking around out there with Hair Compounds hair, that would agree with me 100%!!

IG: secrethairextensionssalon

Website: www.secrethairextensions.com

H&C hair extensions reviews

Andrea Dudley

"No knotting, minimal breakage"

Omg how do I even begin? I’ve tried so many different lines over the last few years and wasted so much time and money just trying to find what Hair Compounds gives. Color choices are amazing! I love that you can get an ash color that stays ashy or you can get a simple lightened one without added color so I can color it myself or leave as is. The QUALITY: no knotting, minimal breakage, no silicone so you don’t leave with one type of hair only to wash it three times and end up with something entirely different (what they get the day of service is what they get a month/two months down the road) Also the fact that the hand tied doesn’t unravel and cause shedding, bonus!

Always super quick to respond and address any issues even if the fault is mine or my clients, very informative and great maintenance page for my clients as well! Quality, color choices, customer service, it’s just a company that does everything you hope to find in someone you work with, spend lots of money on and want to support. I will always support a company that cares for their customers and you guys show you do.

IG: andrea.styling

H&C hair extensions reviews

Lissette Kadlecek

"You can swim, put it in a bun..."

I’ve been doing extensions since 2006. I’ve used all types of methods. Weave, keratin bonds, and tape-in. The Hair and Compounds copper cylinders are by far the safest for your hair. I love how natural the hair flows and how you can pretty much do everything you do with your natural hair. You can swim put it in a bun, or ponytail without ever noticing you have extensions. With other methods like weaving tend to hold moisture if not properly dried, which is also time consuming. Tape-in and Keratin bonds tend to pull hair and your more likely to lose hair with these methods.

This is also coming from first hand knowledge. I love to wear my product, so if I don’t wear it, then I don’t approve of using that method for anyone in my chair. - Lissette Kadlecek

IG: lissettekadlecek

What Stylists Think of Us

The quality of Hair Compounds is second to NONE. I’ve been an extension artist for 16 years and have tried every company. With HC I see no shedding, no fading, strong shiny hair for over a year reused. I recently have become obsessed with the curly wefts, no frizz at all. Very happy will never change vendors.

Lori Hosea

Customer for over 2 years

The quality of both the hair and bonds are top notch. My clients always comment on how amazing the quality of the hair is and how satisfied they are with the results and longevity of their extensions. Shipping is always easy and customer service has been amazing. I'm so happy I decided to switch to Hair Compounds

Sarah Merrie

Customer for over 6 years

The quality of both the hair and bonds are top notch. My clients always comment on how amazing the quality of the hair is and how satisfied they are with the results and longevity of their extensions. Shipping is always easy and customer service has been amazing. I'm so happy I decided to switch to Hair Compounds.

Whitney Sober

Customer for over 2 years