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Wholesale Hair Extensions for Professionals

Poly Curly Hair Extensions

Poly hair extensions are Indian Remy hair with cuticles, all natural textures formed into single strands with a fast and easy to apply polymer bond. 

If the item you want is unavailable, please email or call us. We keep a minimum stock and often custom tip the hair to-order so the bond is fresh. 

Our hair extension adhesive is a clear polyamide hot melt bond custom formulated for strength and endurance. The  tips are smaller than most brands as less adhesive is needed for holding power. This also reduces the final attachment point becoming too large on the scalp. The adhesive has a thick viscosity for fast and easy shaping.

The natural curly hair differs from batch to batch since the hair is not chemically curled and can range from a tight wave to loose curl. The curl will not wash out as it is 100% natural texture. Our aim is to apply the least amount of chemical applications so we can offer human hair with natural body and luster.   

  • Hair = High grade Indian Remy cuticle, 100% human hair
  • Finish = Natural Curly Single Drawn
  • 1 Bundle = 17-20 grams/0.5-0.7 ounce of hair per bundle
  • Full head = 6 bundles on average
  • Partial fill = 3 bundles on average

2 tips sizes with the same quantity of hair in a bundle and at the same price: 

  • Large tip size: 25 strands minimum per bundle
  • Small tip size: 50 strands minimum per bundle


If you have questions or wish to discuss your order, you can reach us at 1-818-997-8810.