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Cylinder Curly Hair Extensions

Cylinder hair extensions made with Indian Remy hair with cuticles, all natural textures formed into single strands with a finely engineered tip that will not crack or shed. The tip can be quickly shaped over and over for reinsertion and the hair will last up to a year with proper maintenance.

The natural curly hair differs from batch to batch since the hair is not chemically curled and can range from a tight wave to loose curl. The curl will not wash out as it is 100% natural texture. Our aim is to apply the least amount of chemical applications so we can offer human hair with natural body and luster. 

Hair = High grade Indian Remy cuticle, 100% human hair Finish = Natural Curly single drawn hair 1 Bundle = 17-20 grams/0.5-0.7 ounce of hair per bundle Full head = 6 bundles on average Partial fill = 3 bundles on average

2 tips sizes with the same quantity of hair in a bundle and at the same price: 

    • Large tip size: 25 strands minimum per bundle
    • Small tip size: 50 strands minimum per bundle

If you have questions or wish to discuss your order, you can reach us at 1-818-997-8810.