Custom Orders

Hair made for you by you

The sky is the limit.

We've created numerous custom orders with our stylists, step by step, making sure the outcome is exactly what you desire. Each customization is one of a kind and the options are endless.

REAL custom orders from OUR stylists

Hand-Tied Custom Weft, Layered 1 Natural 26” length

Poly Custom Root Blend, Curly 24” length 5N root to 6N/8B Blend (short fade)

Hand-Tied Custom Weft, Gray White Blend, Layered 14” length with 75% White with 2A

Cylinder Custom Rooted Blend, Layered 18” length, 50% 6N root to 10N, 50% 7N root to 10B (long fade)

Hand-Tied Custom Weft, Curly 18” length Root Blend, 8N root to 8N/9A/10B Blend (short fade)

Cylinder Custom Rooted, Layered 20” length, 4A root to 11A (long fade)

Hand-Tied Custom Wefts, Premium 12” length Partial Blend (8 knots 5A, 1 knot 6N, 1 knot 9N)

Poly Custom Rooted, Premium 16” length. (7A root to 8A, 9A root to 12B, 7A root to 9A)

Hand-Tied Custom Wefts Root Blend, Layered 16” length, 2” and 4” pieces in 8A root to 11A/12B blend

Hand-Tied Custom Wefts Rooted, Curly 16” and 20” length, 2” and 4” pieces in 4A root to 7G

Long Fade

Rooted Blend

Short Fade

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