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Wholesale Hair Extensions for Professionals

Copper Links Color Chart


Cylinder Copper Links Color Chart

Cylinder Copper Links for Micro Hair Extensions

This chart matches the Hair Compounds Color Ring to the best matching copper ring colors. Primarily, you select the best matching color for the client's roots. 


Hair Colors Copper Ring Colors
1 Natural Black
2 Natural Black
2 Ash Black
2 Red Dark Brown
3 Ash Dark Brown
3 Red Dark Brown
3 Bleach Dark Brown
4 Natural Dark Brown
4 Ash Dark Brown
4 Red Dark Brown
4 Bleach Dark Brown
5 Natural Dark Brown
5 Red Dark Brown
5 Ash Mid Brown
6 Natural Mid Brown
6 Ash Mid Brown
6 Red Light Brown
7 Natural Mid Brown
7 Ash Mid Brown
7 Red Light Brown
7 Gold Light Brown or Ash Brown
8 Natural Ash Brown
8 Ash Ash Brown
8 Bleach Light Brown
9 Natural Tan
9 Ash Tan
9 Bleach Dark Blond
10 Natural Dark Blond
10 Bleach Dark Blond or Mid Blond
11 Ash Mid Blond
11 Bleach Mid Blond or Dark Blond
12 Natural Mid Blond or Light Blond
12 Bleach Mid Blond or Light Blond