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Pink Blend Special Batch

Price is per bundle

Poly and Cylinder 16", 0.6oz/17gr of hair per bundle

Wefts 1oz/29gr of hair per bundle


    We are offering this special batch in layered hand-tied wefts in 14" and 22" lengths. The knot pattern will be a repeating 5 knots of dark pink and 5 knots of light pink with each 5 knot segment equaling about 1/2 an inch. 


    14" length bundle = 3 thin tracks, each track is 10-11" wide

    22" length bundle = 1 full track, each track is 10-11" wide

    We are also offering this in premium and layered polymer and cylinder applications in a 16" length, large tip only. The 2 pink shades will be a side-by-side blend in these options with a 2" 4N root fading to 6".

    The pink hair special batch is being discounted due to reported fading of the pink shades.