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Hand-Tied Weft Extensions : Extra Long Rooted Blends

Each Bundle Comes With 1 Intermediate Density Track (1 ounce/29gr)

This special batch is a creative combination of colors made into extra long length hand-tied weft extensions.  

A 24" length Bronde blend is made up of 1 inch blocks of alternating 5 Natural and 8 Natural, finishing with a 4" root of level 2 ash brown fading down to 8". 

A 26" length takes our usual 6N/9N blend to the next step, creating a natural blond blend with soft babylights. The color pattern is 4 knots of 9N, 1 knot of 11B, 4 knots of 6N, 1 knot of 11B repeating across the track, finishing with a 2" root of level 2 natural dark brown fading down to 4". 

A 24" length Mushroom blond that is an ashier version of bronde. This multi-dimensional beige blond is created by blending together 8A and 10B with a 2" root of 4A fading down to 4". 



  • Type of Hair: Indian Remy cuticle hair, 100% human hair that is not blended or coated.
  • Hair Finish: Layered single drawn hair. Shortest length from 8" tapering down to natural ends.
  • Hair Texture: A natural wave that varies for each batch, from a slight wave to full body wave.


Hand-Tied Tracks

  • 24" length track = each track is 10-11" wide, intermediate density
  • 26" length track = each track is 10-11" wide, intermediate density


Additional Information

All of our wefts are hand-tied and then machine sewn across the track to prevent shedding. Hand-tied wefts cannot be cut.