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Wholesale Hair Extensions for Professionals

Professional Hair Color Ring

Our color ring is a collection of natural, red and ash tones that cover all the women’s hair colors. The color ring also contains what we call Bleach colors for more variety and flexibility for the stylist. Colors are arranged by level and sub-categorized by tones: Natural, Ash, Gold, Red and Bleach. All 33 colors were carefully selected from the most common custom hair colors ordered from our company over the past decade.

33 colors within 12 levels from black to platinum blond. Level 1 being black and level 12 being platinum blond. 

All of our hair colors, except the bleach colors, have been dyed with a pre-metalized fiber dye that is permanent. A darker shade can be deposited on the hair but any lightening may cause discoloration. Only the Bleach hair extensions colors give the stylist the opportunity to create their own tones as this hair color has not been dyed. The stylist can deposit and/or lift to add dye according to their client’s hair color (always perform a strand test).


This color ring is necessary to order Cylinder extensions, Poly extensions and Hand-tied weft extensions. 


If you have questions or wish to discuss your order, you can reach us at 1-818-997-8810.