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Cylinder Layered Blend and Ombre Hair Extensions

Large tip size only (25 strands minimum per bundle)

The two-color blend collection combines equal amounts of 2 colors within a single extension strand creating soft streaks of blended colors.

The ombre blend collection begins with a dark root for approximately 2-4 inches and then fades to the lighter body color. 

Layered Cylinder hair extensions are Indian Remy hair with cuticles, all natural textures formed into single strands with a finely engineered tip that will not crack or shed and can be re-attached numerous times. The tip can be quickly shaped over and over for reinsertion and the hair will last up to a year with proper maintenance.  
Layered hair means single drawn hair that contains different lengths within a bundle creating a natural look. 

  • Hair = High grade Indian Remy cuticle, 100% human hair
  • Finish = Layered Single Drawn
  • Texture = Natural slight wave or body wave
  • 1 Bundle = 17-20 grams/0.5-0.7 ounce of hair per bundle
  • Full head = 6 bundles on average
  • Partial fill = 3 bundles on average