Year End Schedule

Happy Holidays! It's time for our trip to India where we spend time in our production house in Chennai. If you have never heard about our factory, we opened it in 2001 and call it Different Hair Pvt Ltd. It is not so much a factory as a small production house with about 30 staff members that produce all of our extension lines. 

During the holiday break, we travel there to review production, work on any hair problems, introduce new techniques and share research developments. 

Holiday Calendar

Please find following our schedule for the end of December and beginning of January. Since most of our staff will either be in India or on holiday break, we will only be able to offer limited order handling December 27th thru 30th. 

 Activate your online account

Online orders only means all orders will have to be placed through our website. No phone orders, no email orders and no pick ups. If you have never ordered online, please make sure you have activated your account. This can only be done through an email link we sent you when we first migrated to this platform July 2014. You can send us a message and we will send the activation email to you again if needed. 

If you have only signed up but never registered, we require a cosmetology license or salon business license to set up a new account and give access. 


How to order online

  1. Go to
  2. Select the sign-in icon from the top of the page menu, enter your email address and password. 
  3. Select Order from the top of the page menu
  4. Find your items and begin adding to your shopping cart. If you cannot find a certain color, length or tip size, then it is out of stock. 
  5. Make sure when checking out you enter the correct billing and shipping address. 
  6. Please read the shipping descriptions paragraph to estimate delivery time. Note that during this holiday season and due to weather conditions, deliveries may be delayed. Tracking numbers will be entered once your order has been shipped. 
  7. Payment must be entered for credit card or paypal. Credit card on file will not be accessible during this time. 
  8. Orders can be placed at any time, but 3 pm is our daily cut-off time for shipping all orders placed by that time. 


Most common errors

Using a credit card with a name that doesn't match the account name. These are automatically cancelled as fraud. We do not accept payment from anyone accept the registered stylist or salon owner that has previously been verified. 

Wrong billing address. To prevent credit card fraud, we have strict filters when accepting credit cards. Please be sure to enter the correct billing address. You can have your order shipped to another address, but the billing must match your credit card address records. 

Estimating delivery time. Always give yourself an extra day for delivery before your client's appointment if possible. You can login to your account and check tracking, or copy and paste your tracking code from your final order email into Google.

We do not have special insight into UPS or USPS delivery times. When tracking, we see the exact same information as you will when trying to locate your package. We highly recommend you track and read the shipping progress and don't wait until the last minute. 


As always, call or email us with any questions.

We wish everyone a safe and happy holiday season!