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COVID-19 Impacts! 

There are significant delays with production and shipping that will affect our stock throughout the summer months. We can add your request to our wait list and notify you when they arrive and are ready to order. The following is the expected restock of the weft hair extensions. 

If you do not see the color/length you are looking to order, the hair is still in production. 

This list is updated every time our production house sends another shipment of hair and we are waiting for the delivery. 

We are expecting our next shipment to be in stock by July 24th. 


4 Red 14"

10 Bleach 14"

12 Natural 14"

10B/12B Blend 18"

11A/12B Blend 18"

11 Bleach 18"

8 Natural 22"

9 Natural 22"