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I love my Hair & Compounds Hand-tied wefts! ❤️ I LOVE that there is no silicone coating on my hair. I don’t miss the silky-almost Barbie-feeling of fresh hair. My feels like my hair from day ☝🏻 ❤️I LOVE having a natural texture that easily blends with my curly hair! HC doesn’t alter the natural curl pattern to reduce the number of processes done before its created into wefts, leaving it looking natural-not permed or straightened ❤️ I LOVE the colors it comes in that they are easily customizable for me and my clients. It comes in levels- not “colors” so I can easily custom color them and the fade is similar to natural hair.

-Maylynn Lewis

IG: maylynnlewis


I just wanna say, I’ve been in Jamaica since last Friday and I’ve been in the salt water every single day multiple times Scuba diving, snorkeling, cliff jumping, riding the tube, just hanging out and my hair extensions still feel great. I’ve air dried every day, kept my hair brushed and I have perfect beachy hair! I just throw up it when I get too hot because it’s a lot of hair on my neck!

I’m beyond happy with Hair Compounds ❤️

-Shena Holder


LOVE that I don’t have to always style my hair! Hair and Compounds matches perfect for that seamless transition. OBSESSED is an understatement ♥️

-Jillian Rogers

Stylist's IG: roseabigailstyling

Jillian's IG: _jillianrogers


The best customer service because they are a dedicated TEAM of professionals. I’ve never seen anything like them before! I’m in love with their hair, I wear it and I install it. No complaints from me! Their YouTube Videos are amazing with so much information! It’s True Luxury Hair!

-Pam Edwards

IG: @hairbypam


So excited about trying out @haircompounds hand tied wefts. I can already say I’m crazy impressed with the quality of this hair. This hand sewn weft is just gorgeous; So soft and luscious. Also the band is so thin! They look so delicate like lace, but feel very strong 💪 . These will be virtually weightless on my next beadless sew in!


-Brittany Byrd

IG: blondebybritt