What Are Polymer Hot Fusion Hair Extensions?

Poly hair extensions are polymer bonded individual strands made with high grade Indian Remy hair. A classic extension available in Premium, Layered and Curly hair. Our polymer bonds are individual extensions. We call it Polymer, but you may know it as Keratin Bond or Fusion.

How to Order Polymer Extensions

Hair & Compounds makes it easy to order polymer hair extensions:

  1. Select your finish: Premium, Layered, Curly
  2. Decide on length: 16”, 18”, 20”
  3. Select your tip size: Large vs Small
  4. Choose your color with our color guide (for matching assistance, just text us a pic of your client)
  5. Quantity: how many bundles? (most stylists choose 4-6 bundles for a full head, 2-3 for a partial fill)

*There are over 290 options in inventory for the Polymer extensions. If you are unable to find the exact option you wish to order, we do not stock it. Consider selecting another option close enough to match for your order or you can try a custom order.

Details of Our Polymer Hair Extensions

Polymer Small Tip Includes 50 strands

Polymer Large Tip Includes 25 Strands

Small Tip vs Large Tip vs Bobby Pin

Finish: Curly, Layered, Premium

Range of Texture (natural wave)

Range of Curly

How to Custom Blend Our Polymer Bonds Hair Extensions

Alex's Polymer Bond Installation Demo

Poly Extensions Application Guide


1. Avoid a bond longer than 1/2 inch.

2. You can trim the top of the tip off for a shorter bond but do not trim the sides.

3. Do not reheat and move the bond numerous times as this reduces its strength

4. When melting the bond, do not leave behind un-melted globules.

5. It is easier if you place the tip under the hair strands and then pinch between iron prongs when melting.

6. Avoid pulling, bending and conditioning the hair extensions within the first 24 hours. The bond continues to harden and reaches its maximum strength after 24 hours.

7. Avoid long term contact with styling products that contain oils and alcohols. The polymer is both oil and chemical resistant but err on the side of caution.

8. You do not need to avoid high heat hair dryers. The new polymer can withstand direct hot air on the bonds without softening.




  1. Clean hair thoroughly and dry completely.
  2. Place poly tip under strands to be bonded.
  3. Pinch and hold closed over the poly tip a heating iron set at 170-180 deg C. until the bond is   softened enough to mold.
  4. Pinch and roll from top to bottom forming bonds. Pinch hard at top and bottom.


Alcohol based removers will work effectively in breaking down the bonds cleanly without oily residue.

Having Difficulty?

Use pliers to break the bond, saturate with your remover, wait at least 30 seconds and then peel off the strands.

Keep the hair extensions sealed in a zip lock bag and stored in a cool dry place when not in use.



The Poly Extensions will hold for 3 months minimum when applied as directed. Please review carefully.

Application temperature: For best bond time and an excellent seal melt the glue at 170-180 deg C (340-360 deg F).

Open Time: Our polymer bond has a fast open time so the bond will not burn or stick to your fingers, yet it remains rubbery long enough for you to shape your bond.

Prepare Surfaces: All surfaces must be clean, dry and free of oils and residues. For oils scalps use Isopropyl Alcohol during prep. When hair is nearly dry spray onto root areas and then finish drying the hair.

To achieve optimum bond strength:

  • Hot melt glues are categorized as PSA (Pressure Sensitive Adhesives). The more pressure applied during application the stronger the bond. Give the top and bottom of the bond an extra hard pinch directly after shaping bond.
  • A properly formed bond will achieve 50% of its strength after 1 minute, 75% after 1 hour and 100% after 1 day.


What is the bond made of?

The bond is a clear polyamide hot melt bond custom formulated for strength and endurance. It's made of Polyurethane hot melt adhesive that forms an initial bond immediately upon cooling.

How long will the bond hold?

Our Polymer bond is easy and fast to apply with a high resistance to heat, conditioners and oils. The bond will hold 3-4 months minimum when applied as directed.

How much hair comes in a bundle?

The bonds come in two sizes, small and large. A bundle of small density tipped extensions contains 50 strands, and a bundle of large density tipped extensions contains 25 strands.

Both Large and Small tip bundles have the same amount of hair and weigh 17-20 grams (0.5-0.7 ounce).

The dimensions of the bonds themselves are 1/4 inch by 1/4 inch

The small bond tips are .8 millimeters thick

The large bond tips are 1.5 millimeters thick

When would you choose Large or Small tip bundles?

People generally order the small bonds for finer and thinner hair extension strands or when mixing multiple colors together. Small tip bonds are priced 20% more than the large tips.

Large bonds are for adding fullness with less strands and are considering the standard sized hair extension strands.

What is the recommended heating temperature?

Poly bonds should be melted at 180 C or 350 F.

Is the bond "sticky" when trying to remove it? How difficult is it to remove?

Our bonds are not sticky or gummy. Once a remover is applied, the bond begins to break down and crumble with the help of pliers.

Most removers made for hair extensions will work effectively on our polymer bond. Even drug store alcohol and nail polish remover acetone coupled with grooved pliers will break down the bond and will evaporate the excess moisture and turn clear again.

Does the bond turn "white"?

If the bond turns white, it usually means there is too much oil on or near the edges of the bond. You can get rid of it by touching it with your iron to quickly seal them again.

Can my client wash their hair after applying?

We recommend you have your clients wait one to two days before washing their hair. Our bonds get stronger over time and reach their optimum strength after 24 hours.

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The website is super easy to use and the poly extensions are reliable. The hair color are always consistent too. I’ve never had any problems having them run out of stock and that’s super important to me, especially during this time.


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