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The only R&D Lab for a Hair Extension Manufacturer


H&C operates one of the only human hair extension research laboratories in the world. It is the dedication to learning the science behind human hair that has furthered our company’s reputation of knowledge and quality. This internal lab is used to improve and validate our production processes as well as help us develop hair care products to support the life of our hair extensions. 

Our hair extensions laboratory & research instruments pinpoint the major problems and find the solutions for hair production and maintenance of hair extensions. Our research lab is a fundamental part of developing each of our chemical and mechanical applications.



Our microscope enables us to examine hair fibers down to a single cuticle detecting the hair’s condition and the effects of chemical processes. It also allows us to see deposits left by hair care products and stresses brought on by everyday grooming. With this tool we see with certainty if any hair extension is truly Remy or Non Remy.

Our Moisture Content Analyzer determines the effect of hair care products on the hair fiber before and after the test. It detects the results of heavy chemical processes and measures the minimum point of moisture according to the maximum effectiveness of any chemical process.


The Tensile Strength Tester measures the strength and elasticity of a single hair fiber through dry tensile analysis, wet tensile analysis and a post yield analysis. The results of these tests help design our bleaching and dyeing methods by evaluating the hair’s strength and elasticity.


Our Tensiometer measures surface tension, surface energy and contact angle for hair care products. 
Shampoos, conditioners and other hair care products are only effective when the surface of the hair is receptive to the chemical ingredients. This instrument determines the level of equality between the hair fiber and the hair care product.