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IONIX hair extension maintenance

Each of the Ionix hair care products have been structured to match the ionic energy of hair extensions as well as severely damaged hair, which makes it perfect for maintaining hair extensions.
We have also incorporated many other features that systematically approach each and every problem with a lab-tested solution. Ionix is the only hair care products line for hair extensions worldwide that has been fully documented by scientific devices.





Formulated to reduce frizz & friction by lightly coating cuticles means fingers glide through hair once again. Hair extensions are renewed and feel like the first day they were put in.

IONIX BRUSH UP is an occasional in-salon hair extension treatment.


Watch video application, view tips and see what stylists have to say>
Recommended for all hair extensions>




You need clean moisturizing ingredients, even during washing. Our low sudsing shampoo was developed to clean the hair gently without opening the cuticles and cause swelling.

IONIX SOFT CLEANSER is a sulfate-free shampoo.


Recommended for all hair extensions>




increase strength and elasticity


Every day styling results in cuticle abrasion and stretching that results in frizz and split ends. Using a treatment that doesn't completely rinse away will leave a protective layer on fragile hair extensions.

IONIX INTENSE CUTICLE FIX is a powerful lubrication system that reduces friction that causes breakage.


Recommended for light blonds and curly hair>


reduces color fading


A light leave-in conditioner spray that is great for every day use, even in the pool or at the beach. Anti-oxidants help fight color fading and dryness.

IONIX MAINTAIN COLOR helps fight brassy blonds, fading reds and washed out ash tones.


Recommended for all hair extensions>