About Our Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

Hand Tied Weft Details


Each bundle is 1 ounce (28-30 grams) of hair. Our hand-tied wefts are sold by the bundle. The following lists how many weft tracks are within the 1 ounce bundle.


How many tracks come in a bundle for hand-tied wefts?

14" weft bundles come with 3 thin density tracks

18" weft bundles comes with 2 thin density tracks

22" weft bundles comes with 2 thin density tracks



Machine wefts are normally offered in only one density, while hand-tied wefts can be offered in multiple densities. Our stock wefts come in two densities depending on length.  


At Hair & Compounds, we also offer custom density options through custom orders. Our custom orders allow customers to choose:  




Length up to 30"

Texture, knot pattern

Weft track width

Finish (layered or premium or curly)




16” Curly bundle contains 1 full density track

20” Curly bundle contains 1 full density track

Some colors may vary in track density. When viewing each product, the colors listed in the options will indicate the density. i.e 4N/7G (Thin) & 5R (Full)


How much should I order?

For a full head it's 4-6 bundles on average. For Wefts this is 4-6 ounces. For Poly or Cylinder this is 3-4 ounces.

For a partial fill it's 2-3 bundles on average. For Wefts this is 2-3 ounces. For Poly or Cylinder this is 1.5-2 ounces.


How to Order Hand-Tied Weft Extensions

What Are Hand-Tied Weft Extensions

Hand-tied extensions are a type of weft that is weaved by hand. Our hand tied wefts are 100% Indian Remy silicone-free hair that is woven into three continuous threads. All tracks can be easily installed with clips, micro rings or sew-in braids and applicable with many methods, including NBR, IBR, SKW, and more. It is ideal for naturally wavy and curly hair with fine to medium density volume. All tracks are half the diameter of the average head circumference with both thin and full density options depending on length of the hair.

To ensure consistency and quality, the wefts are machine sewn across the track after the wefts are hand tied, in order to prevent shedding. This is the only element in the production process of our hand-tied wefts that uses a traditional sewing machine.

*There are over 170 options in inventory for the Weft extensions. If you are unable to find the exact option you wish to order, we do not stock it. Consider selecting another option close enough to match for your order or you can try a custom order.

Details of Our Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions


Finish: Layered vs. Curly

Texture: Range of Natural Curly

Texture: Range of Natural Wave


Track Reinforcement to Prevent Shedding

Width: Each track is 10-11 inches wide

Thin vs. Full track density

What Methods Can be Used to Install Our Wefts?

Clips - Clips can be sourced from various suppliers and would need to be sewn onto the extensions before installation. This is not the preferred method but great for short term use and re-use.

Micro-rings - Also known as micro beads, this is an application that involves small sections of the natural hair that is threaded through each tiny ring and clamped flat to secure in place. The extensions can then be attached by sewing anchor points to each ring. Methods that use this technique are NBR (Natural beaded row), IBR (Invisible beaded row), and other beaded row methods.

Sew-in braids - This method involves no beads but rather sewing the extensions to key points to reduce stress on the clients natural hair and scalp. SKW method is one of the most popular methods using this technique. It minimizes the contact with the scalp to reduce stress spots and/or traction alopecia.

No Silicone or Other Surface Materials Added to the Finish

For low quality extensions, silicone is added to the strands of hair to produce a shiny look and soft feel. We don’t have to add these harmful chemicals because we sell natural human hair that must meet rigid quality standards. Harsh chemical processing strips the cuticles off from the hair leaving it vulnerable to external environmental conditions. As the silicone washes off quickly, this will cause the hair to look dull and dry. Saving money on cheaper extensions can lead to larger costs over time, due to replacement, damage, and more appointments.  

How to Layer Hand Tied Wefts

If the tracks need to be shortened, use one of these layering techniques instead of cutting the track.

Staggering - The first weft track is placed below the second and sewn together. This allows for the group of tracks to fit flat against the scalp.

Sandwich - The track is folded into thirds and sewn together to create a sandwich - this is typically used for the nap area of the head.

Fold & Stagger - Multiple weft tracks are placed in the center in a staggered fashion and sewn together, one track is added to each side then folded in half and sewn together. This long piece is created to be placed in the middle of the scalp, with the thicker staggered area in the back of the head, the folded ends are tapered for the side of the head.

For a demo, see our video on how to layer hand tied wefts.

30 seconds: Making Our Hand Tied Wefts by Hand

Our Hand Tied Wefts are Hand Sewn


Hand-Tied Wefts vs. Tape-ins

What makes HC hand-tied wefts different?

Production Upgrades for Hand-Tied Wefts

What Our Customers Are Saying

"blends so well, a really natural look"



I love hair compounds wefts for multiple reasons. Firstly the blonde tones never turn yellow, all their colors stay on tone and beautiful! The hair lasts a solid year! No shedding, matting or tangles. Ever. The major problem that I was having was matching my customers texture. I always seem to get these girls with thick frizzy or wavy hair. Hair compounds blends so well, fills it in and gives them a really natural look! Customer service is the best! Good people and good hair! ❤️

Wendy Heyden

"no knotting, miminal breakage"



The QUALITY: no knotting, minimal breakage, no silicone so you don’t leave with one type of hair only to wash it three times and end up with something entirely different. Also the fact that the hand tied doesn’t unravel and cause shedding, bonus! Always super quick to respond and address any issues even if the fault is mine or my clients, very informative and great maintenance page for my clients as well!

Andrea Dudley

"no knotting, miminal breakage"



I've been offering handtied extensions for over 3 years now and one of my go to companies is HairCompounds. They have great prices and free shipping! I have most of my experience in their hand tied wefts and have recently been loving their cylinder extensions, especially using the two together to create a beautiful hybrid extension look! My clients love the quality and so do I!

Holly Bauer


How many oz come in a bundle of Weft hair extensions?

Each bundle is 1 oz. or between 28 and 30 grams

What is the track length of each Weft?

The length of each track is between 10 and 11 inches wide because that is the average half circumference of the head. Or the average length of the back of one’s head.

How are the Wefts hand-tied?

Our hand tied wefts are woven into one continuous thread. Because of this we advise against cutting our wefts tracks because if cut the weft will fall apart unless you are experienced at cutting and gluing hand tied weft tracks.

To ensure consistency and quality,the wefts are machine sewn across the track after the wefts are hand tied, in order to prevent shedding. This is the only element of our production process that uses a traditional sewing machine.

What is the density of each track?

Most of our wefts are made with thin density tracks, approximately ½ ounce each. Depending upon the length of the hair, each bundle may contain 2-3 tracks.

We sell all of our wefts individually by the oz to give our clients the ability to purchase multiple colors and lengths that can be layered together.

What does 100% Remy mean?

Any good quality extensions should be made from 100% real hair, but that doesn’t always imply it is 100% Remy. So what does that mean if both Remy and Non-Remy extensions are made from real hair?

Non-Remy hair has roots and ends going in both directions and requires acid washing to remove the top layers of the cuticles or the hair will tangle severely. Following the acid wash the hair is coated with silicone creating almost doll like hair.

Remy hair extensions will have the roots at the top with all cuticles intact and running in the same direction. Great care is made to maintain root direction to avoid tangling. It is far more difficult to produce but worth the end result of natural looking and feeling hair.

How to find quality hand tied extensions?

Many companies claim their extensions are 100% Remy but do not really know where the hair comes from or how it is processed as they purchase from distributors that sell to multiple suppliers. Always ask questions from the supplier to see if they know what they are talking about and can provide details about the origin and data about the hair such as moisture, tensile strength and processing details.