What Are Cylinder I-Tip Hair Extensions?

Our cylinder application method (also known as micro ring) hair extensions features a reusable i-tip that easily reforms for multiple uses.   The lightweight hair attaches with soft copper links that will not add stress to scalp hair and can last for up to a year with proper care.

How to Order Cylinder Extensions

Hair & Compounds makes it easy to order cylinder hair extensions:

  1. Select your finish: Premium, Layered, Curly
  2. Decide on length: 16”, 18”, 20”, 22"
  3. Select your tip size: Large vs Small
  4. Choose your color with our color guide (for matching assistance, just text us a pic of your client)
  5. Quantity: how many bundles? (most stylists choose 4-6 bundles for a full head, 2-3 for a partial fill)

*There are over 420 options in inventory for the Cylinder extensions. If you are unable to find the exact option you wish to order, we do not stock it. Consider selecting another option close enough to match for your order or you can try a custom order.

Details of Our Cylinder (i-tip, micro-ring) Hair Extensions

Cylinder Small Tip Includes 50 Strands

Cylinder Large Tip Includes 25 Strands

Small Tip vs Large Tip vs Bobby Pin

Finish: Curly, Layered, Premium

Range of Texture (natural wave)

Range of Curly

How to Reshape Cylinder Extensions Tips

Biggest Myth about Cylinder i-Tip Extensions


What is the tip made of?

Each strand is encapsulated within a clear abrasion resistant tube by first bonding the root strands with a polyamide hot melt adhesive and then sealing the tube.

Cylinder micro rings extensions have finely engineered tip that will not crack or shed and can be re-attached numerous times. The tip will remain strong and flexible.

All tips are made by hand and shaped to fit into our Cylinder copper links.

Our tips are protected with this special sheath originally produced for the aerospace industry for long lasting strength while maintaining flexibility.

What are the copper links made of?

Copper rings are very soft metal that are much like bobby pins and do not cause scalp irritation unless the client has a special allergy. The tubes are made of scrap metal from the textile industry that can contain copper, nickel, brass, aluminum and other various soft metals.

How big are the tips?

They are available in either small which fits in 2.5mm link or large which fits in 2.75mm link and 0.25" long.

1 bundle of size small density = 50 cylinder tip hair strands

1 bundle of size large density = 25 cylinder tip hair strands

When would you choose Large or Small tip bundles?

People generally order the small bonds for finer and thinner hair extension strands or when mixing multiple colors together. Small tip bonds are priced 20% more than the large tips.

Large bonds are for adding fullness with less strands and are considering the standard sized hair extension strands.

Do you offer retipping services?

We do not have a retipping service as you can easily reshape the tips of cylinder extensions with a flat iron, lowest heat setting, press for 5 seconds and allow to cool before touching the tips. They will revert to the original shape.

What Our Customers Are Saying

"customize anything"



I LOVE the quality of the hair, the many options of colors, blends, lengths, and textures they allow me to provide for my clients. I can customize anything, which is a tribute to how natural the extensions look so my clients can keep their extensions a “secret”!! I have been a Hair Extensionist for almost 20yrs now. I couldn’t be happier, and I have hundreds of clients walking around out there with Haircompounds hair, that would agree with me 100%!!



Serrena Adams

"always consistent!



Love the cylinder extensions! They last so long and the tips never fray even after many resets over many months. Sizing is always consistent! Customer service is great I can communicate via phone, email, or text and always receive quick response to questions or orders!

I have been ordering hair from Hair and Compounds since 2008, the hair quality is always excellent and the staff are friendly and knowledgeable!


Sarah Merrie

"I love how natural the hair flows"



 The Hair and Compounds copper cylinders are by far the safest for your hair. I love how natural the hair flows and how you can pretty much do everything you do with your natural hair. You can swim put it in a bun, or ponytail without ever noticing you have extensions.

This is also coming from first hand knowledge. I love to wear my product, so if I don’t wear it, then I don’t approve of using that method for anyone in my chair.


Lissette Kadlecek