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**Disclaimer: All reviews shown were received during 2018. Current and up-to-date as of May 2018.

"I love your hair and so do my clients I've had my darker haired clients last a year-and-a-half with the same batch of hair! There's just no comparison to your hair have a great day!"

Owner of The Extension of Beauty @lisa.smith.712714

January 2018

"Your hair doesn't even compare"

Co-Founder/Extensionist at Busy Little Queen @amandamajorthestudio

March 2018

"She [his client] has had your hair in her head for three years!"

Co-Founder/Extensionist at Busy Little Queen @busylittlequeen

April 2018

"I have had hair extensions for years. I recently tried hair and compounds and the hair is the best quality I have ever used😄. I have very fine hair and recently recently suffered some loss. When I got the hair and compounds extensions , they matched my hair in color and texture very well and they were not heavy or uncomfortable like the other brands I tried I’m so glad my stylist recommended them."

Long time hair extensions user

January 2018

"Love love love this hair!! Before and after inside and outside lighting. I ended up using it on a client and it matched perfectly. Such good quality of hair!! Lots of hair on the weft but thinner and less bulky than what I used to use."

Stylist/Independent Contractor at The Comfort Zone Salon & Spa @callie.krieg.7

April 2018

I have just had hair compounds now for about 1.5 years and they are amazing because they hold up with my lifestyle - i.e. I swim daily as a professional triathlete for a living. I beat them up with chlorine everyday and bike helmets etc and they still soar!

Professional Triathlete @mbkessler

September 2017

Thank YOU! Nicholas for allowing me to come and see all the possibilities I have for growing my extension business. All that hair in person, was breathtaking!!! You have a GREAT team who are very warm and inviting and are VERY positive people/energy and who ALL took a personal interest in ME! That was impressive and put a stamp on my heart that says "real deal". That was truly a pleasant experience to me which made me think about how important it is to be loyal to "one" brand. You guys are genuine. I will refocus and pay attention to who cares about ME and my business growing and not completely your bottom line. Your offer to help me with YouTube is huge! I will definitely go over this email and try to implement these suggestions. THANK YOU GUYS FOR BEING GENUINE AND GREAT!!

Hair Stylists at SËKÉ Styling Salon @sekesalon

January 2018

You know every time I come to H&C, getting the hair extensions is obvious. It’s the value in providing me with the tools, resources and material to help my business grow that really sets H&C apart from the competition. For example, there was this one time where the owner, Isaac, spoke to me about something called Jobs-To-Be-Done which is a process of business validation where you discover the REAL underlying motivation behind why customers do what they do. He shared with me a link to an easy-to-follow video that showed an example of how even big businesses like McDonald’s fail in understanding this question. It sparked an interest in me to research further into ways to understand these business tips. They are more than willing to share their tools and knowledge! Thanks H&C!

Founder and Hair Stylists of Hair With A Cause @HairWithACause

July 2017


ABQ Hairstylist   @e lwstyling

January 2018

"They [her clients] notice they get about two weeks more wear out of it [our extensions]. They don't come and have to get them out every four weeks. They come in every eight to ten weeks"

Owner of Sacramento Hair Extensions   @hairbypam

February 2018

"The hair colored beautifully from here, perfection"

Stylist at Meche Salon Beverly Hills @see_miles

February 2018

"The hair is amazing. I use this company because of their quality. There are so many places that use cheaper hair to make the up front cost sound low, but in reality you have to replace the hair all the time. This hair lasts at least 9 months with proper care. It has natural body wave that straightens easily with a blow dry."

Owner/Trainer at Bombshell Bettys Salon @desmoineshairstylist

March 2018

"So far, I'm obsessed with the quality of hair from Hair & Compounds. You get what you pay for and their premium is exactly what I've been looking for to create a longer lasting transformation.

I wanted to see how the hair responded after a quick rinse. With almost every micro-cylinder company I've used, the extensions shed before I even remove them from the bundle. I've been playing with it and no shedding. The slight wave to the hair is a bonus.

It feels good to feel passionately about an extension company again as extensions are actually my favorite service to perform."

Stylits/Owner of Green Grotto Beauty @greengrottobeauty

February 2018

LOVE extensions!! She [her client] couldn't believe the difference the layered Hair and Compound extensions made. She had been using a different brand before coming to me. She is thrilled with how natural and young looking her hair looks now! I Love what I'm blessed to do and I LOVE H&C extensions!

Owner of Angela Taylor Extensions Styling @amtay71

September 2017

Thank you all so much @haircompounds. This is going to make my clients day. It matches to a T. For me I’m very particular about what kind of hair I use for my high end client base. The quality of the hair has amazed me over the years I met HC. Consistency is priority because I have to meet and exceed my clients expectations. HC has never disappointed me or my clients. I do have clients with many textures but I love ❤️ HC for my clients with delicate hair. It just blends so well. Example.. when I redo the service it can be even a challenge for me to determine which is which hahaha. So there it is..HC totally #ROCKS and is the #ROCKSTAR of the Hair Extension companies in my personal opinion #worldwide

Hair Stylists for Ken Barboza Associates @darrell.thompson.507

October 2017