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Poly Layered Blend and Ombre Hair Extensions

Large tip size only (25 strands minimum per bundle)

The two-color blend collection combines equal amounts of 2 colors within a single extension strand creating soft streaks of blended colors.

The ombre blend collection begins with a dark root for approximately 2-4 inches and then fades to the lighter body color. 

Layered Poly hair extensions are Indian Remy hair with cuticles, all natural textures formed into single strands with a fast and easy to apply polymer bond.

Our hair extension adhesive is a clear polyamide hot melt bond custom formulated for strength and endurance. The tips are smaller than most brands as less adhesive is needed for holding power. This also reduces the final attachment point becoming too large on the scalp. The adhesive has a thick viscosity for fast and easy shaping.

Layered hair means single drawn hair that contains different lengths within a bundle creating a natural look.  

  • Hair = High grade Indian Remy cuticle, 100% human hair
  • Finish = Layered Single Drawn
  • Texture = Natural slight wave or body wave
  • 1 Bundle = 17-20 grams/0.5-0.7 ounce of hair per bundle
  • Full head = 6 bundles on average
  • Partial fill = 3 bundles on average