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Hand-tied Layered Blend and Ombre Hair Extensions

The Layered Hand-tied weft hair extensions are made from 100% Remy Indian single drawn hair that is subjected to the tightest quality control guaranteeing tangle free hair.  Layered hair means single drawn hair that contains different lengths within a bundle creating a natural look. 

The two-color blend collection combines 2 colors in alternating 1/4" streaks along the weft track. 

The ombre blend begins with a darker root for approximately 4" and fades to the lighter body color.  

  • Hair = High grade Indian Remy cuticle, 100% human hair
  • Finish =  Layered Single drawn
  • Texture = Natural slight wave or body wave
  • 1 bundle = 30 grams or 1 ounce 
  • Each track = approximately 10-11 inches wide
  • Based on the length of hair selected, you will receive the following:
    • 2 tracks of 18" OR
    • 1 track of 22"
  • Full head = 4-6 bundles on average
  • Partial fill = 2-3 bundles on average 


All of our wefts are hand-tied and then machine sewn across the track to prevent shedding. Hand-tied wefts cannot be cut!


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