Where Do Our Ethically-sourced Human Hair Extensions Come From?

Hi Stylists!


I’m sure you all have heard that all of our hair extensions are made from 100% ethically sourced human hair!


You are probably wondering how we can be sure that all the hair we receive is 100% ethically sourced…


The answer is that all of our hair comes straight from temples that are located in the south of India!


The practice of hair-shaving is an ancient Indian tradition. It is believed that one who has a bald head attracts the blessing of the gods. Or at least good luck! The practice of “tonsuring” is done for religious reasons - this is associated with one of the Hindu myths. There are a few versions of this myth, but they all have the same essence - Vishnu, the second god in the Hindu triumvirate, “was hit on the head with an axe, causing him to lose a section of his hair. The angel Neela Devi then offered a lock of her hair as a replacement, and Vishnu was so grateful that he thereafter granted wishes to anyone who offered their hair as a sacrifice.” (BBC News, How Indians shave their head and hope for luck)


The temples where our hair comes from is dedicated to one of the incarnations of Vishnu. Every day and night barbers shave the heads of the pilgrims who came to donate their hair in return for good luck, hope and blessing from the hindu gods.


The temples then sell the hair to distributors, like us.


The money that the templates receive is used to support the local communities by providing free meals, lodging, and many other services.


When our marketing manager, Stephanie, was in India, she went to visit the temple where our hair comes from and was lucky enough to capture a woman who came to donate her salt and pepper hair.


The white hair that woman donated is considered to be the most expensive hair in the world because of the number of hours it takes to pull out the dark stands by hand. Read more about our white platinum hair