Making of Pure White Platinum Hair

Where does our white hair come from?
Our hair is 100% Indian Remy hair that comes from temples where people come to donate their hair in return for good luck, hope, and blessings from the Hindu gods. 

Once the hair is donated, it gets delivered to our production house in Chennai, India, where our production staff patiently plucks out by hand each dark hair strand, one by one, until only the white hairs remain. 

Are white hair extensions expensive?
Our white hair is the most expensive hair in the world. It is due to the number of hours spent on processing the hair from A to Z. It takes about 80 hours to prepare approximately 1 pound of white hair for finishing!

Why should I buy the white hair?
If you are looking for white platinum hair extensions that you never need to tone in order to create a perfect platinum look, then our white hair would be a perfect solution for you!

Since we create white platinum hair by sourcing real salt and pepper bundles, then pulling out the dark stands by hand, one by one; our hair extensions will always stay white and never fade because it's really white hair. 

Check out our blog that explains our white platinum hair in more detail.

How can I get it? 
You can purchase our white hair by placing a custom order, which generally takes 4-6 weeks to get in.

If you are ready to place an order, you can reach out to us through our Contact Us page so we could provide you with the estimated cost for the hair. 


How much would one bundle of white hair cost?


In order for you to get our price list, you'll first need to have an account with us so that we can verify you are a licensed hair professional. We do this in order to protect the hair professionals from having our prices public.


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