How our Hand-tied Wefts are Made


Recently our owner, Isaac, went to our production house in Chennai, India. He shot this footage of the process of producing our hand-tied wefts on his iPhone. About our Wefts:

Our hand-tied weft extensions come in33 single colors, 6 blends and 5 ombres. You can order them by bundle OR by individual track, so you can buy just enough for your clients' needs.Each bundle is 1 oz. or between 28 and 30 grams.The length of each track is between 10 and 11 inches wide, because that is the average half circumference of the head (in other words, it's the average size of the back of someone's head!)To ensure consistency and quality, the wefts are machine sewn across the track after the wefts are tied by hand, in order to prevent shedding. This is the only element of our production process that uses a traditional sewing machine.Because our wefts have a machine-sewn thread across them(for durability and longevity), if this is cut, that will compromise the integrity of the hand-tied weft tracks!Do not get confused - you CAN absolutely cut the hair itself like any other extensions, just NOT the track!Our 14” and 18” wefts contain 14 knots per inch, and our 22” wefts contain 10 knots per inchThe knots of the hair are packed tightly to prevent shedding as well.The roots of the hair are woven and turned over, then trimmed to 1/4" to create a mustache on the back side it is cut that short to prevent matting.The reason wefts come with the mustache is that we fold over the hair during wefting. Afterwards the roots are now hanging down about 1"-2". If we left them at that length matting would occur due to cuticles running in opposite directions.We trim down to 1/4" to minimize the effects of the roots tangling. Any shorter and the hair might pull out of the track and shed.The density of each track depends on the length of the hair14” wefts come with 3 micro tracks totaling 1 oz

18” wefts come with 2 thin tracks totaling 1 oz

22” wefts come with 1 full track that is 1 oz
We only stock ourlayered wefts, but you have the option to custom order premium and curly wefts as well.Again, we sell all of our wefts in 1 ounce bundles OR in individual tracks so that you can buy only what you need and even mix and match colors and lengths per individual track!It's a great way to get that much closer to creating the perfectly desired look for your clients.