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India Team

Say Hi to Our India Team 👋

Hi Stylists,

When we started to share our videos from India, many of you have wondered what it’s like to work at our factory in India.

Those of you who haven’t gotten an opportunity to get introduced to Hair & Compounds work culture and values, you should know that every employee here gets an open and transparent culture along with the freedom to experiment and innovate.

When we say every employee, we literally mean EVERY single employee: from our India office to our LA office.

People who come to HC want to work and learn because the owner of the company, Isaac, has created an environment that encourages creativity and achievement, in order to better ourselves in the workplace & grow as individuals.

To give you a better understanding, we decided to interview a few of our long-time employees so they could tell you themselves how they feel about working at the Hair & Compounds factory.

Here’s a list of questions we asked them. Click on a question to get their responses!

  1. What have they learned at Hair & Compound?
  2. What is their experience working with our company?
  3. What do they aspire to have in their lives?
  4. How different is the work culture/environment at Hair & Compounds from other companies?