Handle Client Complaints

Have you ever noticed what every top salon, stylist and extensionist have in common? Knowledge. There is no other source of differentiation better than knowledge. If you know how to handle every situation that your clients face, you will be regarded higher and higher by your peers and clients alike.

Think about this: a client comes back to you and complains that their hair is too dry and frizzy and that the source of hair must have been a "bad batch" - what would you do?

If you're like most stylists, you'll contact your hair supplier and ask for a refund - or at least some sort of an explanation.


However, what would a top salon or stylist do?

3 things:

1. they would perform a test to see whether or not a problem really exists

2. they would be able to determine the most likely cause of the problem and

3. and most importantly, they would prevent the problem from every occurring by thoroughly educating and training their clientele on hair maintenance.


This is who we want you to become. We want you to become a top salon, a top stylist, or a top extensionist. We want you to have the knowledge to be able to navigate through any client complaint.

So what should you do if a client comes and complains about dry and frizzy hair?

We recommend you first run a test:

1. Shampoo
2. Deep condition
3. Wet brush
4. Dry brush


In most cases with our hair extensions, based on our 25 years of experience, there's nothing wrong with the hair itself. So the results of this test will usually be that the hair is perfectly fine.


STEP 2 - Send us back the hair for further analysis:

Regardless of the results of your test send the hair back to us for further detailed testing. We'll be doing a live video of the wash test just like the video above that we'll send to you showing you that the hair either passes or fails quality control.

If further analysis is required, our lab allows us the means for doing so.


STEP 3 - Educate your client:

Use our free after care guide and articles on our website to explain and prevent these issues from happening again.

For example, a couple of tips you should know are:

1. Most complaints occur with blonde hair. Of these complaints, clients usually complain that the blonde hair is frizzy and tangles. These are signs of dryness. If your client blow dries her blonde hair every day, they will put their hair at risk. There is not a single company in the world that can make blonde hair that will be able to withstand that! Some bundles will survive. Many others will not.

2. Moisture content is the most important factor that determines the quality of hair

If moisture content drops below 11.5% when bleached to light blondes, even on your own natural hair, dryness will occur. Again, this happens with your own normal hair as well as to hair extensions. There is no argument for this fact. We know the science behind hair, as you can see, and we have experience of 25 years working with hundreds of tons of human hair from all over the world.


Still need convincing?

Let me show you a brief insight into the kinds of analysis we can perform. This is an analysis of over 30 different hair suppliers from 1998 that the Hair Club for Men (which I'm sure you've heard of) asked the owner of our company Hair and Compounds to perform. We were able to determine where breakage occurred, what percentage of a bundle was synthetic, whether or not there was silicone coating, if the cuticles had been burned off all the way down to the cortex. So if this was 20 years ago, you can only imagine what we know today.

The best part is that we want all of our customers to know what we know. That's the best way to become confident in what you do.

In any case, you must understand the motivations, the habits and the lifestyles of your clients even better than your clients do themselves! You must educate them on the proper ways to have beautiful healthy hair. The same principles and practices of normal human hair apply to hair extensions. Brush properly. Wash properly. Dry properly. Use appropriate products. And so on and so forth.


If these sorts of conversations and tests are uncomfortable for you as a stylist to have with your client, remember that you have us and our lab as a support.

Because we own our own in-house laboratory, there are no mistakes that will go undetected. If even the slightest mistreatment of hair occurred, our lab has the capacity to find out. Our lab is the safety net you need to be able to handle any complaint you may receive now or in the future.

Make sure you check out our after care guides and articles on our website.

Best of luck, and we'll see you soon :)