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Visit to Different Hair, India

The end of 2016 brought us to our factory in Chennai again. Winter visits to India are the best time to travel there and it is always interesting to see the changes happening to the city. 


This year's visit was about fine tuning quality points and reviewing our research projects progress. We observed how raw Indian hair from the temples have changed with the times. Now it is much more common for people to use store bought shampoos, conditioners and hair treatments. Many of the hair treatments are based on minerals and plant based dyes that make it more difficult to bleach evenly. This used to be rare with maybe 10% of the raw hair having deposits and the rest completely virgin. Now the numbers have climbed to around 75%! Our bleach dept staff are truly heroes at observing, separating and preserving the integrity of the hair to achieve the desired color levels. 


We also spent time with the dye dept perfecting the ombre blends. We have started making more custom orders and will be stocking a limited variety of colors. Perfecting the small details has really paid off and we hope to offer the most natural looking ombre/rooted hair extensions.

The bleaching research project we initiated last year is still progressing. We are excited about a new system that the university researchers are currently developing and testing. There is also a completely new idea in hair pigmentation. Wish we could tell you more, but we must safe guard our processes. This is a long term project and we look forward to seeing more advances that will one day change our production. 


 Moisture content lab test






elasticity lab tests








final color results






We have always had a small inventory for loose gray or silver hair that wigmakers use to make hairpieces and wigs. The demand for white hair has increased as more stylists are custom ordering extensions that are platinum, white or silver. So we have increased production and now have with us a couple kilos of platinum hair that we can treat for white or for silver. And then we can make into Poly or Cylinder extensions.

The expense of the gray white hair is due to the incredible hair waste and labor of taking raw gray hair and turning it into beautiful nearly white hair. It takes days of plucking out the dark hairs with tweezers before they are finally left with a small bundle of the white hair. But the end results are gorgeous bundles of soft platinum white hair that is healthier than our lightest bleached blond color and at least 3 levels lighter. 



And so our visit to India ended and we left our production team feeling great about their work and the future. Thank you to our production team and to all of our customers. Happy new year!



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