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5 Tips for the Perfect Balayage

Balayage-The technique used to hand paint highlights on hair to create a natural and gradual look-is extremely popular as a modern hairstyle trend.  

We spoke to balayage experts as well as did our own research to come up with 5 balayage tips and tricks you can use to achieve a flawless sun kissed look!

Thank you to Marissa Freeman (@marissa_tames_manes) for helping put this list together!

Tip #1: Plan ahead

Section off hair before you start painting to create guidelines to follow while you are giving your client their dream hair.

Consider if you want lots of dimension, want to cover a lot of ground, want minimal pops of lightness, or anything other goals.

This decision will determine where you will want to part the hair.

Tip #2: Start in the Front

This allows you to frame the face and make that area brighter because it will be processing for a longer period of time.

Leaving pockets of untouched hair under the painted sections makes the lightened hair really stand out.

Tip #3: Think Like the Sun

Lighten the hair where the sun would naturally highlight it.

Keep the hair darker where the sun would not reach.

Having these dark sections allows for dimension and depth in the look.

Tip #4: ZigZag

Behind The Chair recommends to section and paint the hair in a zigzag type pattern.

This makes for a seamless, naturally highlighted look and will soften the contrast between the shades of hair.

Tip #5: Toning

Using a few different formulas of toner can give the hair more dimension.

Toner is an important step in the balayage process, as it gives the blonde parts of the hair a brighter appearance and helps to lift the color.

Bonus Tip

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