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Summer Tips: How To Care For Hair Extensions

Image by @ambervdzalm obtained via Instagram.

What are three words or phrases that come to mind when you think of summer? For me, I think fun, beach and road trip. T'is the season to be carefree, after all. However, in order to avoid anyone's three words or phrases becoming frizz, matting and bad hair day, we must acknowledge that "carefree" comes with fine print.

To keep all things happy in the hair department, we've put together a list of TEN great tips, tricks and reminders for this time of year. Although some of the tips might seem obvious, it's easy to forget the basics. Other tips might surprise you, and we already have a feeling we know which ones those will be. Check out our summer hair tips and don't forget to share! We all deserve a full season of good hair days!

Tip #1: See your stylist!

There is no one better to tell you exactly how you should care for your hair other than the professional that knows it as well as you do! By seeing your stylist before going on vacation, you can start off your trip with your hair perfectly styled. While you're in the chair, you can let (s)he know your summer plans and ask:

  • What products should I use to maintain my hair?
  • What are some easy styles I can do on vacation?
  • What should I do if I plan on swimming in a pool or ocean?
  • Is there anything I should avoid?

Image by @hairartistallie obtained via Instagram.

Tip #2: Lube your locks.

We can already feel your raised eyebrows and dropped jaws, but hear us out! Alex Denaro suggests using KY Jelly to protect your hair extensions from salt, so we did our checks out!

If you Google "KY Jelly f," the search engine will immediately suggest "KY Jelly for hair" because this trick is THAT well known.

Rumored benefits include moisture and curl enhancement.

Check out this blog to learn why it works.

Tip #3: When in a rush, don't forget your extensions brush.

Emphasis on the word "extensions." Any old brush can do anywhere from minor to serious damage to your hair extensions. This includes maximizing frizz or even loosening your extensions to the point where they're falling out.

Several stylists we know (Maranda Felner, Pam Edwards and Trish Mello just to name a few) are big advocates for the Sheila Stotts Application Brush. Pam loved this brush so much that she sent us one and we've even been using it ever since!

Image by @katemohns obtained via Instagram.

Tip #4: Avoid getting spray tanners and sunscreen in your hair!

Spray tans are the safe way to get a golden glow for the season and sunscreen is a non-negotiable--just keep these products out of your hair! Rumor has it that spray tans and spray-on sunscreen have been known to discolor hair.

While a free color job sounds pretty sweet, this would be more along the lines of splotches of orange and pink staining your hair. YIKES!

This can be avoided by having your hair up while you spray tan or apply sunscreen, and let it down once your skin is dry.

Tip #5: Leave conditioner in,
get chlorine and salt water out.

With temperatures heating up, whether you're in a dry desert or surrounded by humidity, at the beach or in your own backyard, your hair needs moisture!


Aubrey Tieman suggests that you carry a small spray bottle of leave-in conditioner to the pool or beach. Hair that has interacted with chlorine or the ocean can get extra dry.

Malibu C also makes great products for chlorine and salt water damage.

Image by @amyextensions obtained via Instagram.

Image by @jules.intentionssalon obtained via Instagram.

Tip #6: Bump up your braid game

It's no secret that a loose braid is a great style to sleep in, but incorporating braided styles is also a great way to lessen your heat usage for the summer! Plus, especially after a deep conditioning treatment, braided styles are perfect for giving your hair time to absorb moisture.

Tip #7: Keep waves as pretty as the ocean by using a maximum of 300 degrees when styling.

It should go without saying that hair extensions are fragile, but because they're a product used to enhance one's natural hair, this is often overlooked. Because this hair is not attached to your scalp, thus not getting the same nutrients and doesn't have the ability to heal after damaged, proceed with caution when applying heat. It may take a little longer to style when you're only using 200-300 degrees to straighten, wave or curl the hair, but it will last, which makes it worth your time.

Tip #8: Stock up on light serums to fight frizz

To keep your frizz and flyaways to a minimum, apply a light serum when styling.

In this video, Erik Velasco said that OI All In One Milk by Davines is one of the three products he considers to be part of his "holy grail of hair."

Tip #9: Prep for the pool

Danielle Crocker suggests "Wet, put leave in conditioner and braid your hair before going to the beach or pool. After the pool use a clarifying shampoo to remove the chlorine and treat the hair with a hair mask."

Kim Valle (pictured to the right) had a similar suggestion in an Instagram post from July 2018:

"Before you dive in:
•soak your hair with clean water prior to getting in water
•put your hair in a loose braid or ponytail
•immediately wash and condition your hair after swimming"

Image by @boldlydefinedbeauty obtained via Instagram.

Image by @j_knappp obtained via Instagram.

Tip #10: Keep your head covered!

Whether it's a hat, a scarf, or a headwrap, you should incorporate hair accessories that keep your head covered into your summer styles. Aside from the heat, the Sun is also stripping your hair of its health! An added plus is that these are that if you do catch a case of a bad hair day, these accessories are there to cover it up and keep you looking cute.

STYLISTS: If you're looking for more suggestions or want tips directly from other professionals, join our private Facebook group! There are hundreds of stylists with varying clientele and experience, with one thing in common (US!), so it's the perfect place to ask for advice on HC extensions.

If you have any questions, please reach out or comment below!

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