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Shipping Insurance

Hi Stylists,
Please read the entirety of this email.

You (and your clients) spend a lot of money on hair extensions, but for some, shipping can be a big pain.

"Will my hair arrive on time?"

"Where is my package right now?"

"What if something happens to my package?"

With all these questions - it's no wonder why you may feel helpless!

When it comes to shipping, many of you are unclear as to who takes responsibility for packages: you, us or the shipping company?

For example, a new client recently placed a large order. During check out, she selected our "free shipping" option because she didn't need her order until the following week. A week later, she reached out to us asking about her order. We tracked the package, and, sure enough, discovered that it was successfully delivered to the mail room of her apartment building as planned. But she said that she never received the package and claimed that it must have been stolen!

This is a truly awful situation that I want you all to learn from.

You may be asking, but what if she had insurance?

Insurance claims can only be made with a carrier when packages in transit are lost or damaged. Once the package is considered "delivered" you will not be able to file a claim with either the USPS or UPS.

So, who is responsible?

In this unfortunate case, our new client would be responsible.

You may not know, but you have more control than you think over your shipping.

In fact, in the eyes of the carrier, you have more control over your shipments than we do. We simply package the hair and ship it based upon the instructions you provide. Once the package is handed to the carrier, we are not responsible for the package. We do not have control because we no longer own the package, you do.

Once the package has been delivered, the shipping company is not responsible for the package.

Continue reading to find out how you can control your deliveries!

In an effort to help our stylists take control over their shipping, we will be adding two new shipping options that will require a signature for the carrier to deliver the package. 

There are also 2 free services that you can use to answer the questions above and to take more control over shipping. Not just with our company, but with every package you receive through UPS and USPS:

  1. UPS My Choice
  2. USPS Informed Delivery

(More info on these services below).
First, the basics: here's what you should do:

  1. Choose a destination that is secure
  2. Choose the ability to personally sign for your package
  3. Choose the best time and date for arrival
  4. Track the package as soon as your order is placed

Now you might be thinking: "but I can't do any of these things!"

Solution: yes you can!

Those 2 free services I mentioned above will help you do exactly those things. Read on.

Service #1:

UPS My Choice

  • Delivery Alerts          
  • Delivery Planner        
  • Estimated Delivery Time        
  • Authorize Shipment Release        
  • Hold for Will Call (UPS Customer Center)        
  • "Leave at" Instructions        
  • Leave with Neighbor        
  • Deliver to a UPS Access Point™ location

Service #2:

USPS Informed Delivery

  • Secure Access: Interact with your incoming mail and packages on the secure, online dashboard.
  • Preview Incoming Mail: View gray-scale images of the exterior, address side of letter-sized mail pieces scheduled to arrive soon.
  • Track Packages: Check the delivery status of packages and when they're scheduled to arrive.
  • Delivery Instructions: Leave delivery instructions if you won't be home to accept a package.
  • Schedule Redelivery: Missed a delivery? Schedule a package to be redelivered.
  • Manage Notifications: Set up email and/or text notifications to track the delivery status of your package(s)

Both are essentially identical services. Both are free. It just depends on which carrier you select when ordering hair from us.

I've even personally used them for myself when I wanted to reroute a shipment to a new destination mid-shipment! They were pretty simple to use.

Next Steps:

Give those services a try.

Because, at the end of the day, your clients hold you responsible for the successful ordering of the hair. And now, hopefully, you feel more confident. :)

If this is helpful, please reply to let me know. Do you have any tips for how you keep track of your shipments? Tell me, and I'll share them with the rest of our community.

**Note: We are not affiliated with either of these carriers, we are simply making you aware of these options to help you have peace of mind when it comes to shipping.

Insurance claims can only be made with a carrier when packages in transit are lost or damaged. Once the package is considered "delivered" you will not be able to file a claim with either company.


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