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Reshaping our Cylinder hair extension tips

Have you ever wanted to reuse our cylinder (or I-tip) hair extensions? In this video we will show you how our cylinder extensions can be reused over and over again.

Many of our stylists aren't aware of how easy it is to reuse our cylinder extensions.

When it is time to move up the extension strands and replace the copper links, it can be difficult to insert the flattened tip into the round micro links. We make it easy with a simple technology that allows you to quickly and easily reshape the tips.

I-tip extensions are usually made with a hot melt glue that can easily crack and shed when pressed flat with the rings.

Our Cylinder extension tips are protected with a special sheath developed by NASA and originally produced for the aerospace industry for long lasting strength, while maintaining flexibility. This material is unique because under certain conditions, it will return to its original shape.  

For our cylinder extension tips, the condition that will bring the material back to its original round shape, is heat.

If you reshape our cylinder extensions yourself, we would love to see some before and after images of the cylinder tips. You can send them directly to me at, or direct message us on Instagram or Facebook.

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