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Ombre Done Right

We are now offering a limited line of ombre hair extensions. Most client's are not willing to wait the 4-6 weeks for custom ombre hair, so we have selected 5 combinations and are now offering in Poly Layered, Cylinder Layered and Hand-tied Weft extension lines. Based on stylist feedback, we will add or change colors and have more made in the premium hair extension lines over the next few months. 

Our production team, especially the dye masters, have worked hard on trying to understand what is ombre and how to make the gentle graduation of dark color to light. Creating a transition of color that looks like the roots are in shadow with sun bleached ends has been a challenge. What we normally see in the market of ombre extensions shows a hard line between colors and does not look close to natural. We believe our natural looking ombre extensions show beautiful results that will please both stylists and their clients.

Dark to mid tones

Please refer to our color ring for clarification on the shades selected to create the ombre colors. The images were taken in sunlight so may appear differently in the photos. Your color rings will give exact colors to expect. 

  • 2 Natural root fading to 4 Bleach ends. 
  • 4 Natural root fading to 7 Gold ends. 


Dark roots for mid to light blonds

  • 6 Natural root fading to 10 Natural ends.
  • 7 Ash root fading to 11 Ash ends.
  • 7 Natural root fading to 11 Bleach ends.

Lengths and Dimensions

For Poly and Cylinder Layered extensions, we are stocking 16" and 20" lengths made with large tip size only. 

For Hand-tied Wefts, we are stocking 18" and 22" lengths only. 

For the 16-18" lengths, the root is 4" long fading to 8" mid way down the hair with the final 4-6" in the lightest color. 

For 20-22" lengths, the root is 6" long fading to 10" mid way down the hair with the final 4-6" in the lightest color. 

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