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Take Your Salon From Low-Key To Luxury

While a new year brings up thoughts of improving one's self, consider upgrading your salon to improve business too. Having a luxury salon doesn't mean that you need to jack up prices, only serve high-profile clients and turn your back on your business's traditions. Luxury is an experience.


Providing your clientele with luxury will evoke comfort, relaxation and confidence within them, to the point where they feel the need to come back and experience it all over again.

There are a few aspects of your business that have an affect on luxury:

  • The space
  • The offerings
  • The staff

The Space

Luxury isn’t defined by your location. You could be in Beverly Hills, the only salon in a town of less than a thousand or yet another hair salon just north of Suburbia. Set the scene of luxury by starting with the interior design (you don’t need a fur rug and a fireplace; a few simple, consistent staple pieces will do). If your nose doesn’t agree with candles, get a diffuser and test out essential oils like eucalyptus mint or lavender. Lastly, it’s time for some music. Even when the salon’s empty, music that matches the mood of the salon keeps silence at bay. Don’t settle for the radio. Instead, curate a playlist.

We adore the unique look of the Hollywood location

for Hair Boss Extensions!

The Offerings

Increase your clientele's moods by throwing in some perks whenever they visit! Clients could be rushing into their appointment without a moment to grab a coffee, drink some water or have a meal, so while they're in your chair, have a cart of commodities to offer.

We suggest having a cart with 2-3 levels.

Below, we've listed what we recommend keeping on your cart. Click the right arrow to see more suggestions!

One one level, have drinks and snacks:

  • Coffee (if you don't want a hot pot on your cart, you can stock cold brew or keep cups on the cart.)
  • Tea selections
  • Napkins
  • Candy (We're obsessed with Sugarfina's Champagne Bears)
  • Snack-size bags of popcorn or chips

One another level, include entertainment and purchasable items:

  • Magazines
  • Books
  • Home Hair Care Sets (you can make these using travel-sized bottles of your favorite recommendations. Check out this video of Shaina Campbell to see how she advised her clients on their bag of at-home hair care!)

Image by Gypsy Tan; obtained from Pinterest.

The Staff

This is the defining factor for clientele. Whether or not aesthetics are their thing or they pass up on your extra offerings, Y-O-U are the biggest part of taking their experience from lackluster to luxury.

The look and luxuries may set the tone for your salon, but having a powerhouse team full of passion and personality will define it. Keep in mind some clients will stop by your website before ever stepping foot in your door, so make sure the essence and strength of your team translates!

Check out the following examples to showcase your staff online:

Above are the lovely ladies of Allie Scott Hair Studio.

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