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How to Redirect a Package After it’s been Shipped

So you ordered a product, the package has already been shipped and you just now realized that it’s going to the wrong address. Don’t worry, it can be fixed!



Many of us have seen it happen. You submit an order for something online, select your payment information and click the button to finish your order. Then a couple of days later, you realize the order is being sent to the wrong address.


It could be that you or your salon moved recently and forgot to update your shipping address with the company you ordered from. Or maybe you recently started working at a new salon and forgot to update your address before you placed the order.


Then the panic sets in that you will lose the package and the money you spent on the product.


The worst part is that you check online and the order has already been shipped and is on it’s way to the wrong address. However, this can be easily fixed online.


The United States Postal Service website states that as long as a package is eligible, someone can reroute or return their package to the sender for a fee of $14.10 and the cost of any postage necessary to complete the task.


To be eligible for this, USPS states that the package must have been sent domestically using tracking or a barcode. The length and girth of the package must also add up to no more than 108 inches.


With this method, USPS states that the package would either be returned to the sender or sent to a post office where it can be picked up.


To reroute a package with USPS, click here.


The United Parcel Service of America, commonly known as UPS, also has a way to redirect packages once they are already en route. UPS states on it’s website that UPS My Choice Members have the option of rerouting eligible packages before the company makes the first attempt at delivery. Different charges for this service can be found in the 2019 UPS Rate and Service guide here.


UPS recommends that non-members contact the sender of the package before UPS tries to deliver it.


To reroute a package with UPS, click here.


In many cases, a package can be rerouted and is not a cause for worry. Just proceed through a few steps, and you will have your package soon. For more information about shipping and shipping insurance, read our blog post on that subject by clicking this button: