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Custom Order: How We Matched Another Companies Color Swatch


At the beginning of the year, one of our new stylists came to us with a request. One of her clients wanted to custom color hair extensions based off of another suppliers color swatch. We specialize in creating the most natural looking colors for the hair extensions that we stock. What was interesting about this color swatch, is that it was not even close to a natural hair color, it was in fact red. It was a difficult task for our dye masters to match such a unnatural color but they were able to successfully replicate the color Vanessa gave us from the other supplier's color swatch.


We offer a variety of options that can be made-to-order for all of our hair extension lines. Here are some possibilities:

  • Blended individual extensions
  • Blended Wefts
  • Rooted extensions
  • Long hair Extensions (up to 28 inches)
  • White Individual Extensions
  • White Loose hair
  • White Hair Wefts
  • White Hair Blends