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Best Attention Grabbing Techniques to use with Potential Customers

Sales are an essential part of any business and customers are just as important since they provide the sales so your business can grow and continue to be successful. Knowing how to communicate with your customers and grab their attention to convince them to use your service will keep these sales coming in!

Use Your Time Wisely

Many customers will come to you for your service, but there is still untapped potential out there to gain more customers by reaching out to them either through phone calls, Instagram DM’s, or emails! The problem with reaching out to these potential customers is them losing interest immediately when you try and sell them something.

When reaching out to these prospective customers, it’s essential to start with relevant information specific to the customer within the first 30 seconds or in your first email/DM. The goal is to grab their attention in those first few seconds and not bore them right away.

I know, 30 seconds isn’t much time but try and create a conversation so they might be enticed to give you more of their time.

Start with Them

In these first 30 seconds or first message, leave yourself out of the conversation. Make this first interaction about them and not about you. With any discussion, you never start about what you do. You talk about the person you're engaging with, and what they do. Then you begin to talk about yourself and what you do. Again, the goal is to create a conversation, not to push for sales.

Be Curious

Being curious is all about creating conversation and being engaging. Ask questions about what they are interested in doing so it can be connected back to you and what you’re selling. For example, what they want to do with their hair or a goal they’re trying to accomplish like more volume or specific hair color.

The best way to do this is by acting like a student. The potential customer will naturally assume the teacher role and want to continue the conversation and tell you about themselves and eventually will tell you what they hope to get out of your services/products.

Embrace the Silence

Eventually, you’re going to want to ask a question. Between the time you ask a question and your potential customer answers, there might be some silence! I know it can be nerve-racking and you might want to start talking or reword the question. However, let them think and don’t interrupt. Interrupting the thought process with another question or an explanation will break their engagement. Just embrace the silence.

Use One Close Per Attempt

Every step here is a way to continue the conversation to get you closer and closer to the actual selling. With the close, you’re still trying to capture the potential customer’s attention. It’s more important to keep engaging them instead of trying to force the sale and move the deal forward. Just let the conversation flow; don’t push it.

An example of a close is:

“What’s your Instagram? I would love to follow you and see more of…”

“I saw your post on Instagram the other day and loved it! What was that experience like?”

“I love what you’ve done to your hair! What did you do/use to get it like that?”

Set up a Cadence Plan

Before you attempt to reach out to your potential customer, make sure you have a plan set up that flows well. Have questions ready that relate to the customer and be ready to listen to what they said.

Set up other ways you might want to engage with this potential customer. You might not be able to reach them on the first attempt! Don’t be discouraged! Stick to your cadence plan and have it evolve around your closes and what piqued their interest.

Use these steps on your next 5 Instagram DM's or phone calls and let us know how it worked out for you in the comments below!


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