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A Masterclass with Joanne Morrison Episode 5 (With Unedited Transcript)

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0:00 - 3:31: Joanne begins the process of styling and blending the installed cylinder hair extensions and describing what cutting techniques to use when blending the hair.

3:31 - 4:38: Joanne gives advice to anyone who leads an active lifestyle but would still want hair extensions.

4:38 - 7:11: Joanne discusses the longevity of cylinder hair extensions.

7:11 - 9:25: Joanne explains what is possible with hair extensions for clients with special circumstances.

9:25 - 10:57: Joanne tells us how she got her start doing hair extensions.

10:57 - 12:26: Joanne discusses her experience working with celebrity clientele

12:26 - 17:43: Joanne gives her advice to new stylists and how to stand out in such a competitive industry

17:43 - 20:15: Joanne describes the experience of coming to the warehouse, how the hair feels, and finding what she needs for her clients. Valentina describes how the hair feels and how well it blends with her natural hair

20:15 - 25:07: Joanne continues to describe the techniques she is using to blend the extensions effectively

25:07 - 25:48: The big reveal!!

25:48 - 26:05: Outro


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0:00 - 3:31 welcome back to the master class for extensions at Hair and compounds I'm Joanne Morrison with Jomohair so I really like this colored one that we're having it's it's like a shadow Dom bruh but we can't obviously leave this haircut on as it is right now because we have the layers and this blonde because it's one length they come out in streaks once we get a little bit of layering in there we won't have such a streaky effect and we'll have more of a subtle blend from her hair into the extension hair a lot of times with extension hair you have to have your client stand up okay so I'm going to have you stand here and what I like to do is get the hair that is behind the ear out of the way so you don't want to cut into that oh let's call that color how great that looks slightly shadow root nice we did three different shades I also hand shaded some roots and they now carry compound cells back so lucky you guys you don't have to do your own color so this is pretty soon we don't really need that notice how I'm just chipping in and doing more point cut as opposed to make blunt cut because I want the hair to be a little more tapered and soft you're not looking for hard lines bit more of a slide here to get this angle in I am just gonna eyeball it I can already tell then we're going to go back in and get a couple right in here to fill that in they're probably going to take a little bit shorter so we don't have such a chunk but I am also I'm not like ripping into it like yeehaw here we go you know because once you cut it it cut it so I prefer to take baby steps so Valentino how do you feel now that you have doesn't feel like I'm ahead well it's not heavy yeah I'm really excited to see it because there is no mirror she has no idea what she looks like right now I feel good yeah you meant by shoes or shirt drop some big money and love it when you wear but you wear your hair and freaks day like I say not all there needs to be long and dramatic like this there's a lot of women out there that have been fine hair

3:31 - 4:38 now we recently talked about the triathlete who wears hair extensions what kind of advice would you give someone who has a very active lifestyle but still would like to you know try out hair extensions that is a challenge I'm impressed that she swims and does it because chlorine is a real bear on the hair I would I'm going to be running and all sorts of elements I would definitely braid it and keep the hair together while you're going through the wind to prevent tangling you know while you're being very active you're not trying to be glamorous at the same time you know that's for when you're done with your workout down with your day training I think I mean it would still look good being longer in braids but you don't I don't recommend that you do the whole curling iron pinning and then to a rough workout

4:38 - 7:11 I've had crisis lasted for a year and a half using the same time the cylinder and I think that's fantastic and it's not because the condition gets bent usually because at that point time to trim it you know numerous times and it's just getting a bit shorter and you know the urine half is a long time ago for the best you know there were people getting new hair like every other gentleman but there was a big difference in the quality and I think part of it is that Ericom House has their finger on every single aspect they own their own factory in India the hair comes here from their factory it goes through all sorts of testing at this point on for elasticity tangles and Diane goes through every piece by hand and it really is a big difference it's Rendy collected hair it's not colored with the textile down is it's full cuticle all these things makes such a difference leaves more strength on the hair leave more options I love the cylinder method because I like I just be quick and easy and efficient wefts are good for particular looks there are some people that absolutely should have the blacks depending on the air type a lot of my clients have the type of hair that the cylinder suits really well Eric Anza does have left but you should look into and they can customize the web hair you can get small knots you can special-order the hair that you want you should definitely check but for me I just I just prefer using the cylinder for hair that I leave in head for a long time and I have worked with watts and for temporary shoots photo shoots I work with webs homes

7:11 - 9:25 so you can see how I'm really taking my time to slide down I have a client that had like if you pulled all her hair into a ponytail and we and very very very fine hair and she was a client of mine for many many years up until recently until she ended up buying in our Beach and I don't know what National Park she's in now I was talking to you about her earlier but she got him for about 12 years and we did all sorts of different looks length - ticking it shorter and just thickening it up she did made a tremendous difference on her gave her a lot of confidence she'd still have them now except that she's on this different chapter of her life and doesn't need to be tonight - her hair what she doesn't know her husband but I had another client who was getting over breast cancer and she lost a lot of hair and you know we did very short pieces initially she had curly hair and you know we just added little pieces and kind of gave her like a little Joey Heatherton 70 shag to kind of fill out and we adjusted and did different styles until she got about - chin length you can't put extensions on all people's hair when it's super super short it will be very hard to do in a really straight baby mine hair

9:25 - 10:57 so doing how did you learn I was working at a salon here in LA and they decided to get into it nobody else was doing it it kind of became my niche and you know I went to other companies and that's where I was getting the hair from and I just I wasn't satisfied I knew it didn't look the way I wanted it to and not really understanding about the hair quality situation then I went to take a extensive work shop with the woman named Kiara Bailey and that's when it really opened up I mean she showed us how to make our own extensions by ear which I can do when you get home here and you can take like five or six different colors put another backer get the glue turn them down I learned all sorts from that it's really wonderful and that's where I actually met my second parent one of the owners of hair and compounds and it kind of went out from there I got a lot of information hex 20 from my site got Elizabeth this time went on and that was Josh about 12 13 years ago and then I'm just kind of a hair dork I really am you know I kind of snoop around on you too

10:57 - 12:26 I have done extensions on a couple of actresses and you're actually under confident confidential confidentiality contracts they don't want people to know you know you know what there's a lot of beautiful people out there but a lot of them are really beautiful because they have some health and you know some don't but some do you know a paramount do but I can't really talk about that but we're just more so like what is it like navigating that industry as a stylist um it's tricky you're dealing with a lot of ego but then you're also dealing with money's not an option for some of these people so it's kind of a little bit of a balance and then yeah people are people some are great a little more sensitive and trickier to deal with I have not done any work on sets I'm not a production hairdresser by any means that's a whole other maybe and in production sets they work both ways the basis of all time but can I tell you if I could do hair I had my choice those wigs are insane to me those braids are amazing I just love them

12:26 - 17:43 for those of you who are joining us please leave a comment section so Joanne what about someone who is just now getting into the industry yes train train train train train I don't care how naturally gifted you are it takes years to really get it down get your education there's you know so much to learn there's so many different things different muscles to work out different things to get good at you're not going to have it all right get a mentor get somebody who really really cares about what they do and learn from them and that means you know time on your on your part to take the time to maybe shampoo some hair and not do the glamorous stuff but you know I trained for over two and a half years when I started out and what that gives you is the advantage the years somebody else has put into their industry to learn you can get you know it takes years and if you you can't expect to be as smart as a PhD you've never even gone to Community College you've got to get your training and you've gotta make that extra effort of understanding the business around you also you know there's many specialties for some people they want to do it all I want to do it all but there's other people that understand like you know I really just want to do photo shoots and fashion shows so it was something like that you have to kind of think alright we're good where could that work for me and now the number one place would be New York City you have the advice for you know how to stand out again education is the foundation of that it really is its foundation there's lots of venues right now - there's YouTube channels there's Instagram I mean none of this stuff was available when I was coming up you kind of had to get with the big salon with a big name - you know you couldn't even take your own pictures you had to have a professional time I prefer yeah you know it is crazy there's a lot of options now and my advice - would be to any hairdresser that wants to show off their work on your Instagram account don't do a thousand selfies of yourself it really just sure have a picture of yourself but make it about your hair show show your work show your clients you know do some shoots that are nice photo shoots do some simple before and afters show your range but don't make your Instagram account [Music] yourself I think that's one of the biggest things that says you might not be into your client as much as you should be that's my personal opinion maybe I'm old-fashioned but there's it should focus a little bit more hair get your education figure out what you want to do do you want to do color and chemical work where you just do texture treatments and color all day then you want to get into a salon that specializes has teams that specialize there's plenty of salons out there that specialize do you want to do all of it do you want to do your own cut you want to do your own color you got to look for that type of salon if you want to do photo shoots you got to go talk to an agency you got to take some preliminary pictures you're going to have to go out work for free with the tog refers to build your book you know do you wanna do film and television and if you want to do production work film and television to care then you better go look up local 7 36 or 709 find the what the hairdresser's Union is in the city that you live in they're all different I believe Chicago New York just combined might be the same one go to their website find out what their rules are to get in start investigating every little Avenue thank you and the other bit of advice that I have is don't give yourself away that's a big thing don't give yourself away don't be doing all of your friends and families here for free all the time you know when you do somebody for free make sure that you've got a model situation and somebody understands exactly what they're getting what advantage they're getting by getting free hair and then you as the hairdresser need to get what you need out of it photographs stop to promote yourself

17:43 - 20:15 a lot of experience I love it I feel I feel lucky to be here because what I like about this place is it really about the hair there's there's some hair shops in Los Angeles that have like fancy lighting and you know nice chairs with the lounge area and all they're doing is you know selling hair so it's a very glossy experience and when I come here it's really just about the hair you see the difference you see the hackles which they take the shorter hair out of the bundle of hair the hair that's not long enough to be their shelves that are you know floored almost feeling different types of extensions there's examples of different hair extension colors it's it's pretty cool you know I've been coming here many years so I've seen the changes over time I'm gonna have you sit down so for those east coast viewers that are watching this could you describe what that feels like well when we just got it it feels extremely extremely soft like I know people sell real hair and they always talk about it but there's something between the earrings oh it's real here and actually touching it like comparing mine here to this I don't feel much of a difference which is that it's almost as fine as your own hair right and I do have fine hair and fortunately I wish it was not so fine so this it's perfect betterment it's just this particular extension that's like that so we meshed it or in general

20:15 - 25:07 so what I'm doing here is I'm clipping to her own hair out of the way I'm not doing a bunk I'm not lifting it all up and cutting blunt layers I am sliding it down to create shorter pieces into the longer pieces I just wanted to go with monger I didn't want to go with tremendously layered because I use her in a lot of photo shoots you can actually see her on the Instagram which is Joe Meaux hair we've done wigs on her we've done braids we've done all sorts of different colors and so on but we've never had long hair I didn't want to make it too layer because I don't want it to interfere with being able to put it into particular styles which you'll also see as we start doing those photographs so you may be saying to yourself oh you don't wanna layer if why are you laying layering it right now and that's because I want to blend it from what she's got into the bottom because my just left it hanging it's going to be obvious that it goes from layered hair into one length hair so they've got to layer it a bit to have the movement to have flow and to make it look more natural you don't want people to know so that's why I'm sliding through very gently so what the advantage of these extensions is that when we curl that hair it's going to hold much more difficult air will and that will coordinate well with what's trending that with a big barrel curl kind of each way look down it leaves her a few more styling options and it lets her own hair get a little healthier too because this sandy blonde colors she's gonna have coming through now is has been done on the extensions and it's not being done on her hair any longer when you cut individual pieces like what I'm doing it's very easy to kind of get lost because you you're not coming into a prior guide because what I'm doing is taking the hair sliding down scooping out so every so often I like what I've done with this row I want to go through and make sure we don't have anything long and hanging really out of the way so this one is right here like just pink oh it's because it's in the road beneath so you want to go through and make sure that you're not way off because you know it's a whole different technique of cutting extension hair but again if if it's done poorly you'll spot the extensions so and you can see also here this is a good example this is her own hair I let because I put the extension on top of her hair her own hair drops out and so when I lift from the top I know that's the extension so you see yeah so that's her own and then just because you don't want to slice through there okay don't cut the customers own hair please yeah so just trying to keep it in shape you don't want to end up with one side a lot longer than the other [Music] I think that haircuts get passed over a little bit hair extensions remember point cuts slight cuts good shears everything I've said today through all three segments you can't go cheap on anything you're gonna buy shears you gotta buy a good pair of shears you can't buy a hundred dollar pair of shears we expect to get the same result out of it good equipment is paramount good hair is paramount so we're coming to a close on our time and I just want to let all the viewers know that there will be before-and-after pictures available on our Instagram page thank you everybody for tuning in great job Joanne thank you

25:07 - 25:48 oh my god wait a minute that looks identical it looks I can't see

25:48 - 26:05 hi YouTube family thank you for watching we hope that you enjoyed our video today subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this and the latest updates in the hair extensions industry we'd also love to hear what you learned from the video today please leave your comments below and we'll see you soon

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