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A Masterclass with Joanne Morrison Episode 2 (With Unedited Transcript)


0:00 - 0:54: Joanne tells us about her experience with the extension buying process.

0:55 - 1:57: Joanne tells us her strategy for blending the extensions with Valentina's hair.

1:58 - 2:40: Joanne explains the importance of quality when selecting hair extensions.

2:40 - 3:40: Joanne explains how to blend natural hair with extensions to make it look natural.

3:40 - 4:40: Joanne explains the preperations she made on the extensions to make them just right for Valentina.

4:41 - 5:00: Outro


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0:00 - 0:54 here's where the magic begins now here we have some of the hair that you have selected for Valentino yes now can you tell me a little bit about the first pair supplier that you use basically I ordered on the phone and you know give me 16 inches of number 12 blah blah blah and it would come in the mail and I would get what I ordered I didn't really have the opportunity where my fingers hurt and I do realize not everybody lives in Los Angeles and has at the same opportunity but I should also say that this place will take a hair sample from your client if you clip it and send it and they will match it for you

0:55 - 1:57 what we're doing with Valentina's hair today is I want to give not so much an ombre look but more of a gentle shadow but not really we want to grow more for natural hair in because her hair is very very delicate and lightening it has has caused it to be a little bit more riddle so I want a very gentle shadow where we go from being darker and her root and then slightly lighter at the ends what she'll also get out this hair is that when she curls it can get more staying power per her own hair this is very interesting about Valentina it doesn't curl it does not in general even when you curl it I couldn't believe it and and this is something that's very rare but her hair does not curl unless I use a waving iron or crimper and everyone in my family is really curly so we went with this to kind of do a gentle blend this being the differ color and moving our way up to get some highlights into it

1:58 - 2:40 so let me ask you some questions about pairing general how do you measure quality okay first of all you want to make sure it's roomy here which I discussed out there remy hair again is the hair is collected in a ponytail so all the cuticle which is our two most layer of the hair which is so important full cuticle remy hair because if the cuticle doesn't face the same way it will snarl right up it was now but for this you can see how good the quality is from root to end in turn and the shine in terms of the shine you can also see a slight bit of variation it's not like an inky flat color that's coming through

2:40 - 3:40 so now after you select the hair what are some of the biggest factor in making it cut the proper cut technique you never want to just take the scissors and do a blood cut it or because you have to look at this extensions as being clusters of hair which is what they are attached to other clusters of hair so if you just cut lovely across you will see when they move their head you will see little bits and pieces also I have my girls stand up tilt their head forward it's probably something that will be better seen when I demonstrate it but you want to make sure that when their hair moves there's not pieces or chunks hanging out that separate themselves no blunt cuts slither cuts I tend to not use razors some people do just not my choice and good shears you need to have good shears you cannot have cheap blunt shears

3:40 - 4:40 today with Valentina selected these extensions have you've done any type of preparation yes because we want to go with something that has a little more blend from a darker root to a lighter and I'm going to call it a shadow ombre because it's not an aggressive ombre can we just call it a shadow sure sure okay so we're gonna do the pallets we selected this here a little while ago we were planning on doing this video shoot a little sooner so I took some of the lighter shades I went back to the salon and I shadowed the root in other words I made the group like two shades deeper three shades deeper on some then the ends of the hair I did that by hand it took about an hour and a half to go through the bundles as I had to color them individually and pull through now since then parent compound starting to offer shadowed roots and you guys are so lucky because you don't haveto do this all on your own

4:41 - 5:00 hi YouTube family thank you for watching we hope that you enjoyed our video today subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this and the latest updates in the hair extensions industry we'd also love to hear what you learned from the video today please leave your comments below and we'll see you soon