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A Masterclass with Joanne Morrison: Episode 1 (With Full Transcript)


0:00 - 0:54: Joanne explains how she began doing extensions and how she became a Hair & Compounds customer.

0:54 - 1:38: Joanne tells us how she became a stylist and extensionist.

1:38 - 2:50: Joanne explains the reasons why people want or need extensions.

2:50 - 3:40: Joanne explains to us what cylinder extensions are, and their advantages.

3:40 - 4:32: Valentina tells us about her previous experiences with extensions.

4:32 - 6:10: Joanne tells us the value of hair quality and why it is so important.

6:10 - 6:28: Outro


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0:00 - 0:54 hi I'm Joanne Morrison and I am doing a Masterclass on extensions here at at Hair and Compounds my model today is actress Valentina Schneider I got into extensions in about 2002 I came across Hair and Compounds shortly after that I have been looking for other hair extensions wasn't really pleased with the quality that I was getting and i took a master extension class with a woman named Karen Bailey and Isaac showed up with buckets and it was incredible the quality was so different from what I had experienced before they invited me to come out here take a look around and I've been solid loyal with you guys ever since

0:54 - 1:38 actually I started doing here when I was in high school and it's just something that I was always good at I mean even at seven years old I learned how to braid my own hair I don't know how that happened it just happened got on the work program in high school I always found that something new to get inspired by there's coloring which is very specific and I started my career after beauty school at the Vidal Sassoon and I went into the chemical end of things after I left so soon I started doing the cutting I got more into texture work with Japanese straight perms thermal straight nerves keratins and extensions were natural progression of that I believe to be a truly good hairdresser you have to understand how to work all those muscles

1:38 - 2:50 well I think hair gets people a lot of confidence or feels so bad you have a bad hair day who feels good during a bad hair day you almost want to walk in a door anywhere you go make an excuse for yourself look so much better it's a way of empowering them there's all different issues when it comes to extensions it is a lot of times these women have thinning hair the majority of the extensions I'm doing right now that I kept for years are women who have thinning hair issues it's not necessarily about length for them but it's about adding to the hair and they feel they feel like they look healthier is the word I hear from down the line for some women it is about length and it's a little bit more about glamour for some people it's a little bit more about texture for some people it's about their hair is so delicate they cannot go as light as they'd like to go without the bleach harming their hair you put in the extensions it takes care of it or not there's many different reasons to have them done it's not just all about life it's not just all about them

2:50 - 3:40 I like the cylinders because they are economical for the client because they're not glued to the hair it's not tap which is also fine it works well all extensions different types work well for different needs but the reason why I like the cylinder is that it can reuse the hair the hair is placed into a little - and clamped down so when you go to move the tube up cylinder hair is still completely intact I have had clients that have used the same hair for a year and a half Hair and Compounds hair and texture and the color are two really important things to make the hair blend as seamlessly as possible you want to get the most seamless color and texture that you can

3:40 - 4:32 over a year ago when I was looking for a hairdresser that actually is good and they're willing to pay attention to my hair my acting coach at a time Valerie comfort introduced me to Jillian so have you ever had any solution before I did I had them around 15 years ago and it wasn't this method it was the glue on method but what I've experienced then is that it started ripping my hair out and then after that you can't it was the quality of the hair that was tangling in your hair yeah and then you could see the the split sort of where my hair stopped and wear extensions began the texture was a little bit than my hair I can feel it figured and just when you look at it so I just

4:32 - 6:10 that's really important to the quality of the hair is everything because from what she described to me I believe she had non remy hair and maybe human hair a lot of people say hey this is human hair and it could be but the process in which it's collected the way in which is handled if the hair has not been collected remy they usually take it in kilos burn off the cuticle layer cuticles the outermost layer of hair take a lot of people's different hair burn off the cuticle different people different hair at least jagged pieces and they put a polymer coating over it which is a plastic coating and after number shampoos that that comes loose and that hair becomes very like doll hair very drying and it will tangle and start to chew the person's hair if the quality of tears and out there you need to have remy hair which means when it's collected it's cut off in the ponytail the cuticle again which is the outermost layer of the hair all has to face the same direction so you leave the cuticle on also companies that don't have good quality here and they color their hair with textile dyes textiles color leather they color drapes they color bed sheets it's not made for hair but the color doesn't fade out so on damaged terrible stay but again it's really hard on the hair so it starts as human hair and more like doll hair yeah so it's very important to have the right quality of hair and that is why since I found this place I have not gone anyplace else

6:10 - 6:28 hi YouTube family thank you for watching we hope that you enjoyed our video today subscribe to our YouTube channel for more videos like this and the latest updates in the hair extensions industry we'd also love to hear what you learned from the video today please leave your comments below and we'll see you soon


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