Color Update for 10 Natural Hair Extensions

Why Change?!?

One of our most popular hair colors is the level 10 Natural. Which is why the decision to make a color change was difficult and took a lot of thinking. What we noticed is this color has progressively changed over time. It was once a true level 10 and it was a pretty mid to light blond with dimensions. A great color before moving into the light platinum blonds. But as often can happen in production, slight changes to the color and shop floor samples leads to a subtle color change that can go unnoticed until one day you realize it is far from the original. 

The 10N became darker and more brassy. It became difficult to blend and the resulting quality was departing from our usual standards. Now we will begin producing a lighter and brighter natural blond color that will result in softer hair. It will still have several dimensions that make it so easy to blend into the mid blond range customers.

hair extensions color

Left side: Current 10N      Right side: New 10N


When will this change happen?

It's happening now. All new 10N hair extensions being made at our production house in Chennai are with the new color. We expect it will take some weeks to turn over the inventory in our LA location, but we anticipate the change will go into effect August/September. Meanwhile, we are sending out to all our customers new color ring tags. We recommend hanging onto both for now and we will let you know when ordering which version is available. 

We are also sending out new tags for the 2-Color blends. Many requested we add these combinations to the color ring so the stylist does not have to try and remember all the combinations we stock when color matching a client. Perfectly understandable and we hope this will help. Since the 2-color blends have become so popular we are making 18" lengths for all the hair extension lines as well. It should be available August/September.