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Wholesale Hair Extensions for Professionals

Retipping and Custom Blends

By popular request, we are bringing back re-tipping services, but this time for both the Cylinder and Poly extensions. We have also begun offering the option of custom blends. With 6 choices from our 2-color blend collection, we understand that we may not have the exact combination you need for a particular client. You can now order your own combo with any color we have in stock.

professional hair extensions

As exclusivity and customization becomes more important for stylists and salons, we hope this helps add to the possibilities when catering to your client's demands. 

Retipping Details

  • approximately 1 week turn-around
  • very little to no trimming
  • roots are cleaned and re-bonded to any tip size requested
  • includes Brush Up treatment so hair comes back looking and feeling new
  • upon receipt we will call/email with number of strands and final quote
  • $0.75 per strand
  • for our hair extensions only, we do not accept hair from other companies
  • Poly can become Cylinder and vice versa


Custom Blend Details

  • approximately 1-2 days before delivery
  • requires purchase of 1 bundle per color and then combine however
  • select small or large tip
  • available in both Cylinder and Poly extensions
  • $15 per bundle additional fee


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