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Wholesale Hair Extensions for Professionals

Platinum to Silver Hair Extensions

From Platinum to Silver color hair now available for custom orders. Order by the ounce in both curly and regular texture from 14" to 22" lengths, single drawn hair. Select colors of platinum, white or silver finish and make into cylinder extensions or poly extensions. 

 gray hair extensions

12 Bleach next to Platinum next to Silver


This is Indian remy cuticle hair that started as salt and pepper gray hair ponytails. When purchasing raw temple hair, we often get a few ponytails of gray hair we collect over time. Normally this hair is of no use and we store it until we collect enough to begin finishing the hair into pure white bundles. Creating white hair from salt/pepper bundles takes months! 

 platinum hair extensions

It takes about 80 hours to prep approximately 1 pound of white hair for finishing. We find as close to 100% gray raw hair and our production staff very patiently pluck out each dark hair strand with tweezers until only the yellowish grey hair remains. Then we very carefully bleach the bundles to remove all the yellow as much as possible until reaching as close to a pure white color as possible. The results are even healthier than our normal level 12 hair since it started with such a light virgin base color. The results are beautiful bundles of platinum white hair that can be custom made into wigs, hairpieces or hair extensions. 




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