Update Log

Quick list of activities, product changes or additions. If you haven't visited us in a while, this is a great way to catch up.

May 2016

We are back in the labs and working to improve our bleaching recipe and protocol. Our goal is to make stronger healthier light blonds and eliminate dryness that often occurs with platinum hair colors. The research institute has already begun lab trials and we hope by the end of the month to move to production trials. Very exciting!


April 2016

The end of this month will see a price increase across all the hair lines. After 5 years and careful consideration, we have decided to raise our prices. We do not make it a habit to increase every year just because it's a new year. The soaring costs of raw human hair has made it necessary after absorbing twice yearly increases since the beginning of 2011 when we last wrote our price list. 

In an effort to distribute our hair to the most popular items ordered, we have had to make some sacrifices by discontinuing certain items. Not every line will have stock of all colors in every length and tip size. But we have made it available and easy for everyone to custom order as needed. 

We will also no longer be stocking 12" length hand-tied wefts and all Curly texture hand-tied wefts. Those items will have to be special ordered. 


March 2016

Inanch London has officially become the distributors of our fusion extensions in the UK. They created their own line called the Gold Class Collection and continue to build their own colors and other custom details that have made them a headliner in London. 


January 2016

Starting in October, our production house in Chennai India suffered serious setbacks with the monsoon season and supplier delays. This caused a lot of problems with hair inventory that lasted for months trying to catch up. 

At the beginning of the year, our CEO Isaac Bracha flew to India and spent a few weeks restructuring production and helped everyone tackle the enormous backlog of orders. Now we are seeing some forward movement! Thank you very much to all of our customers that stood by us through a very difficult time. 

August 2015

Special 25% discount on selected hair extensions. We are clearing out stock to make room for fresh hair for this coming fall season. The sale is on all extension lines, items specially marked down until sold out.

July 2015

Updating and improving the 10 Natural color. New swatches are being sent out with all current orders along. We are also sending out swatches for the 2-color blends that we keep in inventory. 

JUNE 2015

Remember that we offer custom blends. Order 2 bundles of 2 different colors and we can blend both into single strands. Or make it 3 colors. You can order them in either large or small tip. For an additional cost of $15 per bundles plus a couple days and you can order multiple combinations for both Poly and Cylinder extensions. 


MAY 2015



Retipping services as well as custom blends in both Poly and Cylinder extensions now available. 


APRIL 2015



White/Silver hair for custom orders now being offered for Cylinder, Poly and Hand-tied extensions. This is pure grey hair finished into healthy cuticle hair for platinum, white or silver color variations from 14-22" in both slight wave and curly hair. 


March 2015



Sale on hand-tied weft extensions. 25% discounted on overstock items in red/gold colors


February 2015



Natural ombre hair extensions now available for custom orders. 


January 2015



Ionix hair extension line refresh. New look, improved emulsions, new bottle size and pricing. 


December 2014



Annual visit to the production house in Chennai, India. Armed with feedback from our stylists, we spent 10 days working with the staff on improving the hair and extension applications. 


November 2014



Expanded the 2-Color blend collection to include Poly extensions and 22" length wefts. Also added new color combination of 6 Natural/9 Natural. 


October 2014



New additions to the Ionix line, a professional treatment that solves tangled dryness for all hair extensions, wigs and hairpieces called Brush Up


September 2014



Added 22" length wefts to our Hand-tied extension line. 


August 2014



Started accepting custom hair orders for clients that want something more than what's in stock. With a 4 bundle minimum only and no cost difference, this makes a great option for stylists that want to give a client extra attention. Usually takes about 4 weeks as hair is produced out of our production house in Chennai India. 


July 2014



Moved our website to a new platform and created a mobile friendly online ordering site.